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Furniture Sliding Pad (“KAGUSUBERU”)

Furniture Sliding Pad

Placing it under the legs of a chair or under a heavy shelf makes it easier to move furniture.
It can be used for daily life and is also useful for cleaning and moving.

Description TOMBO No.
Furniture Sliding Pad No.9086

Friction materials

Friction materials

Non-asbestos friction materials for use in elevators, various types of industrial machines, electromagnetic clutches, and electromagnetic brakes.

Description Product name TOMBO No.
Woven friction material ULTRA STOP™ WOVEN No.6100
Mold friction material ULTRA STOP™ MOLD No.6150

Agricultural materials

Agricultural materials

Agricultural materials suitable for cultivating paddy rice, fruit vegetables, green vegetables, and cut flowers in Rock wool-formed culture medium that has undergone hydrophilic treatment for plant growth.

Description Product name TOMBO No.
Peat moss Sakhalin Peat Moss -

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