Thermal insulation materials for fuel tanks

This foamed and sprayed thermal insulation material is used for fuel tanks that are cooled to ultra-low temperatures for liquid fuel and for the heat insulation and cold retention of the external walls of rockets. Made from a resin, it is incombustible and light weight.

Fluoropolymer hose

This fluoropolymer hose is used in lines for controlling apparatuses and equipment. The outside of the NAFLON™ (PFA) tube is reinforced with stainless wire braid and so it is pressure resistant.

Reusable flexible heat-insulation material

This detachable heat-insulating material is used as a heat-insulating cover for valves located in the lower portion of an engine. It is made mainly of glass fiber, has high waterproofness, and high flexibility, and therefore can be mounted on apparatuses having complicated shapes.

Gaskets for rocket engine

This metal gasket is used to seal the joint between the liquid fuel pipes of a rocket engine. It is a metal tube formed in the shape of an O-ring and welded at its end surfaces. It offers outstanding sealing performance within a wide range from high pressure to vacuum.

Metal gaskets
Description Product name TOMBO No.
Hollow metal ring Metal O-seal No.9200

Thermal insulation materials for the nozzle skirt of a rocket engine

This cloth is resistant to ultra-high temperatures and is used as a heat-insulating base material for the nozzle skirt of a rocket engine. It is made mainly of aluminum fibers, and has high strength, flexibility, and high elasticity at very high temperatures.

Alumina fiber products
Description Product name TOMBO No.
Continuous alumina fiber textile product RUBILON Cloth No.8350

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