Relationship with our shareholders and suppliers/contractors

The NICHIAS Group discloses information about its finance swiftly and appropriately while managing its businesses with an emphasis on transparency, fairness and efficiency.
We are also law-abiding and fair when making deals with our customers.

Disclosure of information to shareholders and investors

lR (Investor Relation) activities

The NICHIAS Group recognizes the importance of taking opinions from all its shareholders and investors seriously and making effective use of them in its management, therefore it has established an IR team to serve as a department in charge of enhancing communication with shareholders and investors.

For example, in addition to holding financial results briefings for analysts and institutional investors, factory study tours, and company briefings for individual investors, the group also conducts daily meetings and participates in conferences sponsored by brokerage companies, etc., holding a total of 112 such meetings in fiscal 2020. The opinions acquired from such exchanges with analysts and institutional investors periodically lead to in-house feedback from the people in charge of IR and are useful in improving management and business activities. NICHIAS will continue its efforts to strengthen its communication with shareholders and investors both inside and outside Japan, as well as forming a broad spectrum of shareholders.

IR Efforts during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Under normal conditions, in order to ensure timely and appropriate communication with analysts and institutional investors, the Nichias Group holds financial results briefings upon the announcement of end-of-term and second-quarter-term financial results. These financial results briefings provide good opportunities for the group to explain management policies, management strategies, the outline of its business operations, and financial information, as well as for executives and investors to meet and talk.

In fiscal 2020, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we canceled financial results briefings, factory tours, and overseas IR meetings. Although it was difficult to communicate face-to-face with investors, we continued to hold IR meetings on a daily basis using online conferencing and conference call systems.

Nichias will continue to enthusiastically engage in dialogues regarding not only financial information, but such non-financial information as the environment, society, governance, etc.

Communication with suppliers and contractors

Policies Relating to Transactions

The Nichias Group regards the fulfillment of its responsibility to supply customers as an important corporate evaluation standard, and as one measure to minimize the impact on production of possible large-scale natural disasters, it is advancing BCP measures for raw materials.

Specifically, the company finds out the BCP countermeasure status of each supply chain and pursues improvement where necessary. Additionally, when it is judged difficult to take measures only in the supply chain, BCP countermeasures are advanced by increasing the inventories of the company’s raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

Fair Competition and Transactions

As part of its CSR activities, the NICHIAS Group focuses its efforts on staff training about the Antimonopoly Act and the Subcontract Act. Each year, it incorporates training about these laws into its educational programs for new employees and newly appointed executives.

In fiscal 2020, we conducted remote-based training by level of seniority and checked that the law is familiar to everyone at Nichias and that our staff complies with laws and regulations. It also organized training by e-learning for the executives and employees of the company concerning the Antimonopoly Act and the Subcontract Act. In addition, it made improvements in the Company based on surveys of the state of transactions with subcontractors. Through such activities, the Nichias Group ensures thorough compliance with laws and regulations.

Implementation of CSR procurement survey

NICHIAS conduct surveys of the client companies regarding the status of its activities in the form of a “CSR Procurement Survey” in order to improve its efforts throughout the product supply chain.

In fiscal 2020, we expanded the scope of our survey to 50 companies (30 companies in fiscal 2019). We have confirmed that the activities at each of these companies in which we engage in business are excellent.

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