In company with our employees

NICHIAS is making efforts to create workplace environment that supports the well-being of its employees.

Industrial Safety and Health

We conduct activities related to safety and health based on a safety-first policy. Due to diversity of our activities, we continue to conduct activities in the following separate areas. Firstly activities for group employees, secondly activities for our factories and manufacturing subsidiaries and thirdly activities for construction divisions.

Work-life balance

We provide a variety of comprehensive systems to help our employees maintain a good balance between work and home, making it possible to work happily.

Respect for workers' rights

In order to maintain good labor-management relations, we respect differences in each other's standpoints and ways of thinking, and actively exchange opinions with the labor union.

Developing Human Resources For Solving Problems and Achieving Tasks

With NKK (NICHIAS Kaizen Katsudo), which is being carried out by the Group across the globe, NICHIAS strive, with the catch phrases “let’s try it,” “encouragement,” and “thank you,” to create a “bright workplace that is easy to work in” in many diverse workplaces such as those of production, admin, and sales. Through this NKK movement, we support the growth of our staff members and the development of individuals who can solve problems. Every year, events are held in Japan, Europe, the United States, China, and Southeast Asia to present activities, and at the end of the year, the very best teams selected from among those that participated reveal their activities at the “NKK World Convention.” This competition is broadcast live to domestic and overseas business sites to share it with our colleagues around the world.

NKK Southeast Asia Convention

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