Relationship with society

The NICHIAS Group willingly contributes to society through support and assistance.

We also value communication with local communities where our bases are operated.

CSR Activities

Support through Donations and Assistance

As one of its CSR activities, Nichias gives various types of donations and assistance from such viewpoints as disaster relief support and academic research support. In fiscal 2020, it contributed a total of approximately 5 million yen in donations and assistance.

Assistance for Academic Research

Nichias contributes to Japanese R&D institutions to help them in their research and development. Those who receive such help span a wide range of fields, including such cutting-edge technologies as semiconductors, organic synthesis, ceramics, and analysis and evaluation technologies. Nichias also extends its support to overseas universities. In fiscal 2020, Nichias contributed a total of approximately 4 million yen to support numerous research projects. The group will continue to support various fields and institutions that have a bright future.

Provision of Food Reserves for Food Bank

Nichias cooperates with a food bank that delivers free of charge food that has been discarded despite being in an edible state (food loss) to welfare facilities, etc. Since 2018, Nichias has donated food regularly, and in fiscal 2020, it donated 180 boxes of confectionary and about 1,600 liters of drinking water, as well as powder-based sports drinks and hardtack biscuits.

Hamamatsu Research Laboratory: Work Experience for Young People Aiming to Reintegrate into Society

Since 2019, the Hamamatsu Research Laboratory has been planning and running work experience programs for young people aiming to reintegrate into society from social withdrawal and living an isolated lifestyle. In fiscal 2020, the Hamamatsu Research Laboratory took on three individuals for work experience. In the practical training part of the program, the participants experienced various office work such as creating training booklets and arranging mail.

Work Experience

Oji Factory: Providing Facilities in Oji-Cho as an Emergency Evacuation Site in the Event of a Disaster

Oji-cho in Nara Prefecture is located between the Yamatogawa River and Katsugegawa River. There is a very high risk of flooding here during the flood season due to heavy rain, and so disaster prevention measures are an important issue. In March 2021, Nichias signed an agreement with the local government of Oji-cho to use the Oji Factory facility as an emergency evacuation site for neighboring town councils in the event of a disaster.

Signing Ceremony

Metakote Industry: Taking On Local Technical High School Interns

The Nara Factory of Metakote Industry is actively hiring local individuals and takes on interns from local technical high schools. During the 4-day internship, the interns learned the best parts and difficulties of manufacturing through CAD software exercises and hands-on experience of machining and assembly work.


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