Quality Assurance

Through a system of double checks by business divisions and the head office, NICHIAS ensures quality assurance.

At NICHIAS, all business divisions carry out quality assurance work so that we can deliver safe and reliable products. The head office's Quality Assurance Department undertakes construction, improvement, and maintenance of the companywide quality assurance system. At the same time, the Department conducts audits of these activities to ensure their proper implementation and to further improve quality.

Our pride in the products is the basics of quality assurance.

The origin of our quality assurance lies not only in the employees connected with manufacturing, but also in each and every employee embracing pride in our products. Our employees work every day to provide safe, reliable products and services. They do so with a sense of mission to contribute to the development of industry and to support a comfortable society through the products they themselves helped create.

  • Quality inspection
    Quality inspection

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