Industrial Products

NICHIAS is expanding into new areas of activity in order to meet the needs of varied industries.

NICHIAS also adapts promptly to the diverse demands of our customers, acting on a foundation of the advanced technologies and relationships of trust we have built up in varied industries.
NICHIAS is further working to pioneer new industrial fields.

Through our products, NICHIAS builds strong relationships with our customers as an indispensable partner.

Our Industrial Products business forms the NICHIAS Group's foundation for supporting development of varied industries in Japan and overseas. Through sealing materials, insulation materials, fluoropolymer products, filter products, and other products born of our Insulation and Protection technologies, NICHIAS builds strong relationships of trust with our customers as an indispensable partner. We have responded to the needs of a wide range of industries. Our broad lineup of products contributes to the realization of more efficient, cleaner production processes for customers. Moreover, by leveraging our advanced fluoropolymer processing technology to develop endoscope tubing, we are expanding our area of activity into the medical field. Overseas, we are expanding production and sales of industrial rock wool products in Southeast Asia, and are widening our rock wool products and sealing material sales channels to reach local companies. As the core operation in the NICHIAS Group, the division also serves to create new businesses.

Main products

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