Building Materials

With safety and comfort as our key words, NICHIAS provides environmentally considerate products for buildings and residences.

Through the manufacture and sale of building materials, as well as installation of our own products, we contribute to the creation of safer, more comfortable structures.

Providing Non-combustible and insulation Materials, Access Floors Fireproofing Materials Backed by Years of Experience

Our Building Materials business is composed of a Building Materials Sales Department that manufactures and sells building materials with non-combustible, thermal insulating, and fireproofing properties, and a Building Materials Installation Department that performs installations of these building materials.

With safety and comfort as our fundamental philosophy, for many years we have manufactured calcium silicate panels with non-combustible and thermal insulating properties, rock wool products, rock wool fireproofing materials with fire-resistant, and access floor products that create space in offices.

The Building Materials Sales Department contributes to the achievement of a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society through non-combustible building materials and non-combustible interior decorative materials made primarily with calcium silicate, as well as rock wool products offering excellent thermal insulating ability and effectiveness in energy conservation.

The Building Materials Installation Department provides customers with comfort and safety in buildings particularly through installation of access floors that create comfortable office spaces and construction of fireproofing using wrap-type rock wool that protects steel-frame structures from fire damage.

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