Energy and Industrial Plants

At NICHIAS, we use our unique network to provide excellent engineering services to all of our customers.

NICHIAS stations personnel at plant facilities nationwide to stay close to our customers.

Our Energy and Industrial Plants business offers efficient, comprehensive engineering services – from development and design to construction and maintenance – and products that include sealing materials and corrosion resistant materials for electrical power, LNG (liquid natural gas), petroleum refining, petrochemical, and other plant equipment. To advance this business, we conduct development of materials with greater functionality and development of products and construction methods that lead to reduced costs, manpower, and environmental impact.

The performance of regular maintenance is indispensable for plant equipment. Many plants in Japan were constructed during the high economic growth of the 50s and 60s and call for particular measures against plant aging. In response, NICHIAS offers nondestructive inspections for equipment as well as our original e'-AIM™ (eco-Advanced Insulation Method) for degraded insulation resuscitation to combat plant aging. We have also built a system for stationing NICHIAS personnel in offices established within the plant facilities of customers nationwide. Promptly identifying the magnitude of customers' requirements and enacting a quick response is the strong point of our Energy and Industrial Plants business.

Main products and engineering services

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