NICHIAS has built a global production and sales structure to quickly respond to the overseas expansion of automobile and parts manufacturers.

To meet this overseas expansion by domestic and foreign manufacturers, we are globalizing both our production structure and our sales structure.

NICHIAS provides solutions with its sound, heat, and sealing technologies.

Our Autoparts business is centered on sealing materials for Insulating leakage of gases and liquids from engine-related parts; thermal insulating components for Insulating heat from engines; and soundproofing and vibration-reducing materials for Insulating brake noise and body vibration. By building integrated operations that extend from materials development to design, evaluation, mass production, and quality assurance, we meet needs that vary according to automobile model, component position, usage conditions, and so on, while also achieving excellent quality, sure delivery, and low cost.

The NICHIAS Group's technological ability to provide quality products with flexible adaptability is highly regarded within the automotive industry and has earned us trust as a partner from many customers. Furthermore, in order to adapt as quickly as possible to the overseas expansion of automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers, as well as for BCP (business continuity plan) purposes, NICHIAS is building a global production structure.

Our sales structure, too, fully shares information with customers doing business around the world, takes swift action accordingly, and provides products and technologies matched to customers' needs.

Main products

*METAKOTE and INSULCOVER are trademarks of NICHIAS Corporation.
*ECOFLEX is a trademark or registered trademark of U.K.-based Saffil Ltd.

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