Dividend Policy

In addition to strengthening the management base in order to enhance earnings power, the basic policy of the NICHIAS Group with respect to the distribution of profits is to strive for the long-term and appropriate return of profits to shareholders by expanding the level of such profits available as dividends and increasing shareholder value, while retaining sufficient reserves for reinvestment.

Guided by this basic policy, the decision to pay dividends is made after careful consideration of a range of factors that include the availability of capital investment funds and investment in R&D to support future business development. In finalizing this decision, emphasis is given to profit levels for the fiscal year, financial status, and the outlook for future business performance.

The Company’s Articles of Incorporation provide for the payment of interim dividends, as stipulated in Article 454, Paragraph 5, of the Companies Act. Under this policy, we pay dividends twice a year in the form of interim and year-end dividends. The amount of the year-end dividend is determined by the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders and the interim dividend by the resolution of the Board of Directors.

Trends in Dividend Payment



Dividend Payout ratio


Payout ratio

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