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Leveraging our Insulation and Protection technologies as a company truly indispensable to society

NICHIAS Corporation was founded in 1896 as a pioneer in thermal insulation materials. For more than a century, NICHIAS has achieved growth by delivering products and services backed by its Insulation and Protection technologies to a broad range of industrial sectors.

Insulation and Protection technologies consist of six core elemental technologies that include sealing, thermal insulation, soundproofing, fire-resistant, anti-corrosion as well as clean.

These six Insulation and Protection technologies have evolved greatly over that last 120 years, and as a result have helped us create five business segments that include Energy and Industrial Plants, Industrial Products, Advanced Products, Autoparts and Building Materials. The products and services provided by each of these businesses are essential to various industries, such as basic industry, automobiles, aerospace, and IT. In this regard, we recognize that the mission given to the NICHIAS Group by society is extremely important.

In the future, the NICHIAS Group will ensure stability growth and earnings over the long term by providing products and services essential for the market, and improve corporate value and share the value with stakeholders.

To that end, we will give the highest priority to our employees’ health, and will continue to work to maintain and improve our company environment so that our employees can work energetically.

As we look ahead, I ask for your steadfast support and encouragement to the NICHIAS Group and its endeavors.

Katsumi Kametsu
President and Chief Executive Officer

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