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Wrap-type fire-proofing covering materials for pillars and beams


TOMBO™ No. 5520

MAKIBEE is a wrap-type, fire-proofing covering material developed by Nichias. The surface has been treated with colored nonwoven fabric, and a heat-resistant rock wool developed by Nichias is used for the refractory material. With a proprietary installation method, Nichias has developed a simple construction method to fix the material in place by stud welding the fixing pins. For this reason, it delivers stable quality, workability, and a work environment unlike conventional fire-proofing covering materials. As a pioneer in fire-proofing covering materials, Nichias recommends this product with confidence as a new fire-proofing covering material that will lead the way in the 21st century.

Wrap-type fire-proofing covering materials for pillars and beams


TOMBO™ No. 5520

Nichias’ new and improved version of its wrap-type, fire-proofing covering material MAKIBEE™!
In addition to the fireproof performance of the conventional product, Nichias also offers this product with surface materials in various colors so that it can also be used as a material to decorate interiors.
Nichias encourages its customers to use it for offices, shops, warehouses, and entertainment complexes without ceilings.

Wrap-type fire-proofing covering materials for beams


TOMBO™ No. 5520

Nichias has increased the density of the wrap-type, fire-proofing covering material MAKIBEE™ and made it even more compact!
Use it for 2 or 3-hour fire resistance for steel beams in offices, shops, warehouses, and entertainment complexes.

Heat-resistant rock wool heat-insulation material with moisture-proof barrier

MAKIBEE™ dannetsu

TOMBO™ No. 5520-D

“Is there a thermal insulation material out there that is resistant to fire and has a low thermal conductivity?”
“Can you improve its fire resistance as well as its thermal insulation?”
“Spray-on thermal insulation materials have inconsistent thickness and we struggle to ensure thickness-related consistency”
MAKIBEE™ dannetsu is a thermal insulation material born out of such customer feedback. For the base material, rock wool with heat resistance equivalent to MAKIBEE™ is used.

Interior rock wool sound-dampening thermal insulation material

MG builpack

MG builpack is a sound-dampening thermal insulation material for non-residential buildings that has acquired non-flammable certification. It is made by adding thermosetting resin to rock wool as a binder, molding it into a mat form, and then covering the six surfaces with polyethylene film. It is best suited to lining attics for improved sound damping and thermal insulation, as well as filling wall partitions.

Square stack lining material


TOMBO™ No. 6496

CERASTUCK is a board-shaped stack lining material with excellent heat resistance and workability. It is made by adding aggregate and inorganic reinforced fibers to its main material Xonolite (calcium silicate). It can be used for the exhaust of boilers for distributing hot water and heating as well as the exhaust of internal combustion engines of home power-generation facilities.

Fire-proofing insulation material for corrugated steel roof


TOMBO™ No. 4513 II / III

SUPER FELTON II and III are white mats with good flexibility that are made by covering the surface of a long-glass-fiber block with fabric, subjecting it to needle punching, and applying resin binder.

Board-form heat-insulation/sound-absorption material


NICHIAS offers third types of MG BOARD: a JIS1 product to JIS3 product, which are made by adding a thermosetting resin to rock wool as a binder and molding it into a board. For the surface materials of MG BOARD 080, Nichias offers adhesive aluminum glass cloth (ALGC) and glass cloth (GC) that is affixed flat on top and around the edges.

Belt-shaped thermal insulation materials


MG BELT is made by cutting MG BOARD into strips and reinforcing it with cheesecloth.
The fibers stand upright in the thickness direction, and so it has excellent flexibility and is easy to wrap around pipes and circular ducts. Nichias’ product lineup also includes a cheesecloth-affixed product and an ALGC-decorated product.

Roll-form heat-insulation/sound-absorption material


MG MIGHTY ROLL is a product in which minute amounts of resin are added to rock wool as a binder before molding it into a felt. ALK (aluminum craft foil) or ALGC (aluminum glass cloth) is then affixed to one side before rolling the product up into a roll.
The adhesive ALGC products comply with the Japanese Architectural Standard Specifications (Mechanical Equipment Construction Work Edition).

Blanket-form heat-insulation/sound-absorption material


MG WIRED BLANKET is a product that is made by fixing hexagonal wire mesh to one side of an MG BOARD with iron wire and rolling it up into a roll.
It has excellent workability and can be installed easily onto complex parts and curved surfaces. It is also useful as an additional heat insulation material for added thickness.

Rock wool pipe heat-insulation material


MG MIGHTY COVER is a roll of lightweight heat insulation material that is not susceptible to bending and has excellent thermal insulation, heat resistance, and non-flammable properties.
It has low levels of halogen and so it is excellent at preventing stress and corrosion cracks in stainless steel.