Square stack lining material

TOMBO™ No. 6496


CERASTUCK is a board-shaped stack lining material with excellent heat resistance and workability. It is made by adding aggregate and inorganic reinforced fibers to its main material Xonolite (calcium silicate). It can be used for the exhaust of boilers for distributing hot water and heating as well as the exhaust of internal combustion engines of home power-generation facilities.

Product Category

Building Materials(For Residential Housing/Non-Residential)Stack Lining Materials


Residential Housing & Non-ResidentialBuilding (Non-Residential) ConstructionBuilding FacilitiesVarious Plant FacilitiesBoilers


The thickness of the thermal insulation material can be set efficiently.
There are three product thicknesses: 35 mm, 50 mm, and 70 mm. By combining these, it is possible to set an efficient thermal insulation material thickness according to the temperature of exhaust gas.
Its two-layer structure can support high-temperature exhaust gas. (Made for use with power generators and cogeneration systems)
A two-layer structure is used to mitigate the impact of heat if the temperature of exhaust gas is between 350°C to 650°C, and this improves the safety of smokestacks.
*If the temperature of exhaust gas is 350°C or less, a single board with a thickness of 50 mm or 70 mm can be used.


CERASTUCK is used as part of the following construction method according to the structure of the construction. For further details, please contact us.
When using CERASTUCK in any construction method, make sure to install a cowl cover.

Standard performance

Safe working temperature (°C) Upper limit 650
Lower limit Depends on the type of fuelNote 1
Density (kg/m3) 500±50
Bending strength (N/mm2) 2.94 or more
Heat shrinkage rate (%)
Length direction 0.35 or less
Thermal conductivity (W/(m・K)) 0.079 + 0.000049 θ Note 2
Note 1: For the lower limit temperature, see the table below: Lower Limit Temperature of Exhaust Gas From Smokestack Outlets by Fuel.
Note 2: These values are our actual measurement values. They are not standard values.

Standard dimensions

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg/piece)
35 1, 250 2, 500 55
50 78
70 109

Exhaust gas temperature upper limit & lower limit

Exhaust gas temperature upper limit (smokestack inlet)
Single layer = 350°C or less
Double layer = 650°C or less
Exhaust gas temperature lower limit (smokestack outlet)
Please adhere to the table below according to the type of fuel.
[Exhaust Gas Temperature Lower Limit of Smokestack Outlet by Fuel Type]
Fuel type Smokestack outlet
Exhaust gas temperature lower limit
Fuel oil A 160°C or more To prevent degradation of the lining material
from the sulfuric acid condensation of SO3 within the exhaust gas.
Fuel oil B 180°C or more
Kerosene 130°C or more
LP gas 130°C or more
Diesel oil 120°C or more
City gas
13 A, 12 A, 6A, etc.
120°C or more To prevent degradation of the lining material
from excessive water (dew condensation) absorption.
*The exhaust gas temperature right before and after starting and stopping the operating of equipment is outside the scope of the lower limit temperature above.
*If the exhaust gas temperature will go below the aforementioned lower limit during the operating of equipment, make sure to cover all surfaces inside the smokestacks with SUS plates (stainless steel plates).
*If you do not know the exhaust gas temperature lower limit, cover all surfaces inside the smokestacks with SUS plates.


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