Heat-resistant rock wool heat-insulation material with moisture-proof barrier

TOMBO™ No. 5520-D

MAKIBEE™ dannetsu

“Is there a thermal insulation material out there that is resistant to fire and has a low thermal conductivity?”
“Can you improve its fire resistance as well as its thermal insulation?”
“Spray-on thermal insulation materials have inconsistent thickness and we struggle to ensure thickness-related consistency”
MAKIBEE™ dannetsu is a thermal insulation material born out of such customer feedback. For the base material, rock wool with heat resistance equivalent to MAKIBEE™ is used.

Product Category

Building Materials(For Residential Housing/Non-Residential)Non-Residential Heat-Insulation Materials


Residential Housing & Non-ResidentialBuilding (Non-Residential) ConstructionBuilding Facilities


Excellent thermal insulation performance
The thermal conductivity of MAKIBEE™ dannetsu is λ = 0.034 or less (W/(m・K)), and it is one of the best performing inorganic thermal insulation materials.
Non-flammable-certified product
As it has acquired non-flammable certification, it can be used for parts* that require interior flameproof performance.
*See Articles 128, 129, 112 of the Building Standards Act
Ensures a reliable thickness
It is a product that is molded at a Nichias plant, and so it is possible to minimize thickness inconsistencies. Its thickness is easy to manage because it does not require any cutting or added blowing after installation like that of materials that are sprayed on at the work site.
Fitted with a surface dehumidification layer as standard
As it has a surface dehumidification layer as standard, the influx of humidity into the thermal insulation material is minimal and this reduces any condensation.
Excellent flexibility
It is a flexible material, making it adapt well to the bumps and curves on the surfaces of concrete building frames. By pressing the material including at its seams, it allows for installation without any gaps.



Used for insulation in office buildings and stores
Used for insulation and sound absorption in machine rooms

Product dimensions as well as various certifications and physical property values

Product dimensions and various certification
 Thickness Standard dimensions Various Performances
(mm) Width (mm) × length (mm) Non-inflammable certification Formaldehyde emission grade
25 925W×8000L NM-4117 F☆☆☆☆
50 Note 1 925W×4000L
Note 1: 50 mm products are made-to-order.
Item Standard value
Thermal conductivity W/(m・K) 0.034 or less
Moisture permeation resistance of surface dehumidification layer m2・s・Pa/ng 82 × 10- 3 or more

Installation procedure (example)

(1) Site cleaning

(2) Marking

(3) Adhering fixing pins

(4) Product installation

(5) Dehumidification treatment of joints and edges
(if necessary)

(6) End of procedure


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