Decorated calcium silicate board (lightweight type)

TOMBO™ No. 6462-600R


ASLUX 600R is a lightweight decorative board that is made by UV coating (ultraviolet curing treatment) a calcium silicate board and finishing it with urethane-based resin paint. The bulk density of the substrate is 0.8 and so the product is lightweight, easy to handle, and simple to machine. Its UV coating and special acrylic urethane paint finish give it excellent chemical resistance and make it maintenance-friendly.
The special acrylic urethane paint with an added antibacterial agent demonstrates excellent antibacterial performance against the likes of E. coli and staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

Product Category

Building Materials(For Residential Housing/Non-Residential)Decorated Calcium Silicate Board


Residential Housing & Non-ResidentialHousing ConstructionBuilding (Non-Residential) ConstructionWarehouses


Lightweight and easy to handle
The bulk density of the substrate is lightweight at 0.8, meaning it is easy to carry around. It is especially ideal for installation on ceilings.

Easy to machine and offers greater installation efficiency
The calcium silicate board, which has a bulk density of 0.8 and is used for the substrate, can even be cut with a box cutter and is easy to machine. It is lightweight, which significantly increases the efficiency of installation.

Excellent chemical resistance and easy to maintain
It has excellent chemical resistance with its UV coat and special acrylic urethane paint finish. It is also sanded, which gives it its very smooth surface. Slight dirt stains can be removed easily and it does not fade in color.

A wide variety of colors are available
There are 8 standard colors and 46 extra colors available.

Standard dimensions

Nominal size Thickness × width × length (mm) Non-flammable certification number
3'×6' 6×910×1, 820 NM-4228-1
3'×8' 6×910×2, 420 NM-4226
3'×9' 6×910×2, 730

Colors available


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