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TOMBO™ No. 6458


ECOLUX is an eco-friendly calcium silicate board that is made using recycled materials.
It is a calcium silicate board with a strong and stable crystal structure that is subject to Nichias’ proprietary sheet manufacturing method and high-temperature and high-pressure steam curing in an autoclave. Different from building materials without a crystal structure, it is a non-flammable material that provokes little concern over changes in quality and deformation due to temperature, humidity, and aging.
It is lightweight just like wood and can be easily machined such as hammering in screws, stapling, or cutting with a box cutter knife.
*Since July 1, 2020, Nichias has stopped using the Eco Mark indication for reasons relating to the obtaining of raw materials.

Product Category

Building Materials(For Residential Housing/Non-Residential)Calcium silicate board


Residential Housing & Non-ResidentialHousing ConstructionBuilding (Non-Residential) ConstructionWarehouses


It uses recycled materials.
*Recycled materials generated at thermal power plants and paper plants are used.

It is a non-flammable material.
containing pulp and plaster
Non-flammable certification NM-1217

As an interior material, it is relatively resistant to water leakage.

It offers excellent dimensional stability.

It offers excellent shock resistance.

It is easy to machine and offers excellent workability.

No formaldehyde is used.
*It is a product outside the scope of Notice 7 of Article 20 of the Building Standards Act.


ECOLUX Flat Board

*Please contact us if you are interested in dimensions other than those above.
*Nichias also offers chamfering. The chamfering is C3 (C3 means cutting out a 3 mm-long isosceles right-angled triangle).
*The vertical direction is the orientation of the fibers.

ECOLUX Pierced Board
The non-flammable certification number of the ECOLUX Pierced Board is NM-2988. It is not certified on its own, but is certified with the pierced board and a lining material (non-flammable material (excluding the metal plate)).

*The pierced board is made-to-order, so please inform us of your desired delivery date and quantity before placing an order.
*It can be made with holes and at a thickness of 10 mm or 12 mm.
Non-flammable certification of ECOLUX Pierced Board + Lining Material
Note 1: To give the product non-flammable specifications, it was necessary to have a double-layer structure that used a non-flammable material disclosed in Notice 1400 of the Ministry of Construction (2000) as a lining for the rear side. Of the disclosed non-flammable materials, the lining is the part other than the parts that are already decorated as well as the steel, aluminum, and metal plates.
ECOLUX Embossed

*This product is designed to be used for installation on the eaves with a maximum height of 15 meters. When using at a height of 15 mm or more, verify the base pitch and screw pitch by calculating the wind pressure.
*The thickness is the thickness of the thread part.
*Nichias also offers chamfering. The chamfering is C3 (C3 means cutting out a 3 mm-long isosceles right-angled triangle). Chamfering is done to order depending on the region.
*The standard value of the bending breakage load was revised in April 2020.
Note 1: The test method is as per JIS A 1408 and the value is from implementing the test with test specimen No.3.
For ECOLUX Embossed, the bending breakage load that was used for the test specimen in accordance with JIS A 1408 is the standard value.


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