Interior rock wool sound-dampening thermal insulation material

MG builpack

MG builpack is a sound-dampening thermal insulation material for non-residential buildings that has acquired non-flammable certification. It is made by adding thermosetting resin to rock wool as a binder, molding it into a mat form, and then covering the six surfaces with polyethylene film. It is best suited to lining attics for improved sound damping and thermal insulation, as well as filling wall partitions.

Product Category

Building Materials(For Residential Housing/Non-Residential)Non-Residential Heat-Insulation Materials


Residential Housing & Non-ResidentialBuilding (Non-Residential) Construction


It has thermal insulation performance equivalent to that of a 24 K glass wool product.
It requires no effort to cut the material, thereby increasing the speed at which it can be installed.
The entire surface is wrapped in polyethylene film, which significantly reduces the dispersion of fibers when installed.
With Nichias’ lineup of sizes to suit each stud pitch, installation is nice and easy.
It can also be used with the fireproof and sound-dampening wall partitions of each Gypsum Board manufacturer.


Main applications Partition specifications Dimensions (mm) Quantity (pieces) Thermal resistance (m2・K/W)
Stud pitch Stud Thickness Width Length
Filling for fireproof and sound-damping wall partitions 303mm C 50 303 1360 26 1.3
303mm 50 265 1360 26 1.3
Filling for general walls 455mm C 50 455 1210 20 1.3
455mm C 55 455 1210 18 1.4
455mm 50 425 1360 20 1.3
Wall and ceiling insulation - 50 455 1360 20 1.3
100 455 1360 9 2.6
*The availability differs depending on the region.


Filler for wall partitions that require sound insulation performance such as in stores and mansions
Installed on the ceilings of plants and welfare facilities




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