Fire-proofing insulation material for corrugated steel roof

TOMBO™ No. 4513 II / III


SUPER FELTON II and III are white mats with good flexibility that are made by covering the surface of a long-glass-fiber block with fabric, subjecting it to needle punching, and applying resin binder.

Product Category

Building Materials(For Residential Housing/Non-Residential)Refractory Materials for Folded‐Plate Roofs


Residential Housing & Non-ResidentialBuilding (Non-Residential) ConstructionWarehouses


It is a non-flammable material.
SUPER FELTON II and III are thermal insulation materials that are made predominantly of glass fibers.
It has acquired non-flammable certification for use on its own.
SUPER FELTON II: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism non-flammable certification NM-2939
SUPER FELTON III: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism non-flammable certification NM-2922
It offers excellent thermal insulation properties.
With λ = 0.037 W/(m・K) (24°C), it can ensure effective thermal insulation performance.
It has sound absorption properties.
It is fibrous with a continuous pore structure and displays excellent sound absorption.
It has great strength between layers.
The base material and nonwoven fabric on the surface are subject to needle punching and its strength is particularly increased by way of special resin processing.
It has water retention properties.
The stack of long glass fibers has good water retention, and so this prevents dew water from dripping.
※ 「F☆☆☆☆」
This product is outside the revised Standards Act Notice for sick house compliance and complies with formaldehyde emission category F☆☆☆☆.

Quality characteristics

Item Performance Values
ThicknessNote 1 (mm) 5 8 5 8
Width (mm) Estimated dimensions (50 to 1, 000)
LengthNote 2 (m/roll) 50, 100 30, 60 50, 100 30, 60
Density (kg/m3) 120+20, -10 120±20 140±20
Thermal conductivity (average temperature of 24±2°C) (W/m・K) 0.037 or less 0.037 or less
Fire resistance certification Note 3 FP030RF-9325 FP030RF-0501
Non-inflammable certification NM-2939 NM-2922
Note 1: If you are interested in SUPER FELTON II products with a thickness of 10 mm, please contact us.
Note 2: Joining points may be included due to manufacturing reasons.
Note 3: Certified by the Insulation Galvanized Steel Sheet Committee, which is a member of the Japan Metal Roofing Association. Nichias is a supporting member of the committee, so cannot issue certificates. If you require a certificate, please obtain it from an official member of your folded roof material manufacturer.

Performance (common to SUPER FELTON II and III)

Tensile strength test method
The test specimen (50 mm in width) is pulled left and right and the maximum load is measured when the test specimen breaks.

Item Thickness (mm)
5 8
Tensile strength (N/50 mm) 60 or more 80 or more
Delamination strength test method
A 50 mm cut is made into the test specimen (50 mm in width) in the length direction (200 mm in length), it is pulled on both sides, and the load when it breaks is measured.

Item Thickness (mm)
5 8
Delamination strength (N/50 mm) 8 or more 3 or more
Maximum water retention rate test method
W0: Weight when the test specimen is completely dry Water retention rate (%) = W1 - W0 × 100
W1: Weight when the test specimen is saturated with water (water absorption rate) W0
Item Thickness (mm)
5 8
Maximum water retention rate (%) 500 or more 400 or more
Measurement results from reverberant sound absorption coefficient
As per the “Reverberant Sound Absorption Coefficient Measurement Method” of JIS A 14091998

*A sound absorption effect can also be expected by affixing it onto the inside of a corrugated steel roof.
*These are measured values and not guaranteed values.



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