Board and cover

TOMBO™ No. 5001-TN


FOAMNERT TN is a rigid urethane foam thermal insulation material made of closed-cell foam. It is a carbon dioxide foam-based cryogenic insulation material that does not contain any chlorofluorocarbon foaming agents such as HCFCs and HFCs.
Molded products include covers and boards. Nichias’ covers are JIS-certified products (certification number GB0309002).
It can be used within the temperature range of -196°C to +100°C. It can be widely used as a thermal insulation material for LNG and LPG bases, ships, petrochemical plants, and district heating and cooling.
Note: +40°C or less is recommended for the internal temperature when using continuously.

Product Category

Thermal Insulation MaterialMinus to Room TemperatureRoom Temperature to 200°CConstruction Work (Lagging, Cold Storage, Fire-Proofing and Sound-Proofing)Hot and Cold Insulation Work


Chemistry & PetrochemistryOil Refining & PetrochemistryChemistryEnergy (Electricity, Gas, Heat Supplies)Thermal Power Stations (Coal)Thermal Power Stations (LNG)Nuclear Power StationsHydrogen and AmmoniaBiomass Power Generation and Heat Supply Plants


JIS-certified product
(JIS A9511-2006R Class A heat insulation material in a foamed plastic form; Class 2 heat insulation material and heat insulation roll)
Excellent low-temperature stability
Free of HCFC and HFC
Low thermal conductivity
Minimal water absorbency and hygroscopicity
Easy installation
High mechanical strength


Power stations and various industrial plants
Pipes and equipment insulation at LNG and LPG bases, pharmaceutical plants, petrochemical plants, etc.
Ship building
Insulates LNG and LPG tanker pipes and storage tanks.
Space development
Insulates rocket liquid fuel pipes, etc.
Insulates the anti-condensation materials and pipes of buildings and district heating and cooling systems.


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