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Volatile organic compound concentrator


TOMBO™ No. 8805-SC

It is a device that condenses low-concentration gas that is difficult to process and contains a large volume of volatile organic compounds (VOC) to a high concentration and small volume. The gas is condensed by a honeycomb-shaped filter with a small capacity and large surface area. By combining it with an organic solvent processing device, it is possible to efficiently process VOC that had previously been released into the atmosphere.
There are rotors available with different absorbents.
HONEYCLE HZ-AM For high-molecular solvents
HONEYCLE HZ-BM,BO For general solvents
HONEYCLE HZ-XM,XO,BX For high-molecular solvent and general solvent compounds

HONEYCLE VOC adsorbent


TOMBO™ No. 8800-HZ

HONEYCLE HZ is a high-performance honeycomb that contains a large amount of high-performance absorbent thanks to Nichias’ unique manufacturing methods.

HONEYCLE desiccant


TOMBO™ No. 8800-SG/MS

It is a HONEYCLE desiccant rotor for dehumidifiers that absorbs and filters moisture in the air stably all year around. To suit your application, Nichias also offers HONEYCLE SG for general dehumidification and HONEYCLE MS to create air with an ultra-low dew point.

Pure water dripping humidification and chemical removal equipment


TOMBO™ No. 8805-HW

Nichias’ HONEYCOMB WASHER is a system that removes water-soluble gases (NO2-, NO3-, NH4+, SO42-) present in the open air or within a clean room. It is an ideal system that can humidify and remove chemicals. In comparison to conventional water spray types, it offers high performance, low pressure loss, space-saving, and power-saving.

Vaporization humidifying element


TOMBO™ No. 8808-HE

With the trend for ever-increasing high-tech due to the technological progression of industrial equipment, temperature control and humidity control are a must. It is a vaporization humidifying honeycomb element that is best suited to these applications and has superb water absorbency.

Ozone removing filter


TOMBO™ No. 8803-ZV/-ZAE

It is an ozone removing filter that is made by adding a high-performance catalyst to inorganic fiber paper or a carrier (honeycomb base material) with an aluminum foil frame. As a deodorizing functionality has also been added, it has a structure in which unpleasant odors are unlikely to be produced.