Ozone removing filter

TOMBO™ No. 8803-ZV/-ZAE


It is an ozone removing filter that is made by adding a high-performance catalyst to inorganic fiber paper or a carrier (honeycomb base material) with an aluminum foil frame. As a deodorizing functionality has also been added, it has a structure in which unpleasant odors are unlikely to be produced.

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The EnvironmentVOC Purification, Humidification & Dehumidification


As it is a reactive catalyst type with improved filtering, it is a filter that is different from activated carbon as it experiences little degradation and a long lifespan (see ozone removing structure).
A strong catalyst is used for humidity, which is the weak point of catalysts, and so it is a filter with little drop in performance even at high humidity.
It has UL94V0 certification, and so it can be used with peace of mind.
It is a one-size-fits-all product with no need for molds.

Ozone removing structure


HONEYCLE-ZV: with added VOC removal ability
HONEYCLE-ZAE: with an aluminum foil skeleton and low pressure loss


Office equipment such as copiers and printers and exhaust ozone treatment such as air purifiers: HONEYCLE-ZV/-ZAE
Ozone‐displacing treatment such as that related to ozone cleaning, ozone sterilization, and corona discharge treatment: HONEYCLE-ZAE


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