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Heat and chemical-resistant perfluoro elastomer

Rubber O-ring BLAZER NEXT™

TOMBO™ No. 2670-BNX

BLAZER NEXT is a perfluoroelastomer with excellent heat resistance, radical resistance, purity, and non-stickiness thanks to Nichias’ proprietary cross-linking technologies.
It seals in strict environments where other rubber materials struggle.

Steam-resistant perfluoro elastomer

BLAZER™ O-ring-S2

TOMBO™ No. 2675-S2

BLAZER S2 is a perfluoroelastomer that shows stable sealing performance in environments with high-temperature steam and nucleophilic agents.
It is a product with significantly improved steam resistance, rapid decompression properties, and crushing properties thanks to Nichias’ newly developed, original cross-linking agent and its proprietary mixing technologies.

Reusable flexible heat-insulation material


TOMBO™ No. 4500-R

It is an attachable thermal insulation material that can be used repeatedly.
Nichias assists in environmental conservation and improvements through energy saving initiatives at buildings and plants.

NAFLON sliding material


TOMBO™ No. 9550

With a machinable grade with a NAFLON PTFE base and an injection molding grade with a PPS base, the EXCELIDE series is used in various fields as a material for sliding parts.

Low friction, self-lubricating sliding material


TOMBO™ No. 9550

It is a sliding material with improved mechanical attributes such as wear resistance and creep resistance achieved by adding various filler materials to high-performance resins (PTFE, PPS) that have excellent heat resistance and low wear resistance properties.