Steam-resistant perfluoro elastomer

TOMBO™ No. 2675-S2

BLAZER™ O-ring-S2

BLAZER S2 is a perfluoroelastomer that shows stable sealing performance in environments with high-temperature steam and nucleophilic agents.
It is a product with significantly improved steam resistance, rapid decompression properties, and crushing properties thanks to Nichias’ newly developed, original cross-linking agent and its proprietary mixing technologies.

Product Category

Elastomer ProductsHigh-Performance Elastomer


Chemistry & PetrochemistryOil Refining & PetrochemistryChemistryEnergy (Electricity, Gas, Heat Supplies)Thermal Power Stations (Coal)ElectronicsSemiconductors & Flat Panel Displays (FPD)Electronic ComponentsFood & DrinkFood & DrinkHealthcare and MedicineMedical EquipmentMedicineVarious Plant FacilitiesPipingCompressorsPumps and Valves


Heat resistance guide: 320°C
It is perfect for sealing against a wide range of chemical solutions that were difficult to use with conventional FFKM and FKM such as hot water, steam, amines, esters, ethers, ketonic acids, bases, hydrocarbons, and chlorinated solvents.
It is also suitable for use in environments that undergo rapid decompression.
A material that is not susceptible to compression failure at high temperatures.

Steam resistance

Specimen BLAZER S2 Nichias’ conventional product General product (FFKM)
320°C 72h Before test
After test

In a high-temperature steam environment, the general product (FFKM) melts due to hydrolysis, but BLAZER S2 does not experience hydrolysis.


Sealing such as for valves, pumps, turbo equipment, coating machines, centrifuges, mixers, analysis equipment, and reactors


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