Rubber molded gasket (PTFE-cladded)

TOMBO™ No. 9013/9013-D


A gasket that is made with rubber as its core material and molding a PTFE film before applying pressure and heat to bond them together. It is a gasket with excellent sealing performance that combines the elasticity of rubber with the corrosion resistance of PTFE. EBILON GASKET is best suited for the applications of parts that are not subject to much clamping force such as PVC pipes and glass-lined pipes.

Product Category

Elastomer ProductsPTFE Covered Elastomer / General Purpose Elastomer


Chemistry & PetrochemistryOil Refining & PetrochemistryChemistryElectronicsSemiconductors & Flat Panel Displays (FPD)Various Plant FacilitiesPiping

Usage scope

Working temperature range: -40 to 150 °C
Maximum working pressure: 1.0 MPa
Flange shape: flat face
Flange finish: 25S or more in the case of a steel flange


There are the following two types with different rubber materials:
TOMBO No.9013: EPDM covered in PTFE
TOMBO No.9013-D: A special EPDM for electrolysis tanks covered in PTFE

Standard dimensions

Plastic flange (JIS10K equivalent): 15 A to 300 A
JPI Class 150: 1/2 to 12B


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