Heat and chemical-resistant perfluoro elastomer

TOMBO™ No. 2670-BNX

Rubber O-ring BLAZER NEXT™

BLAZER NEXT is a perfluoroelastomer with excellent heat resistance, radical resistance, purity, and non-stickiness thanks to Nichias’ proprietary cross-linking technologies.
It seals in strict environments where other rubber materials struggle.

Product Category

Elastomer ProductsHigh-Performance Elastomer


Chemistry & PetrochemistryOil Refining & PetrochemistryChemistryElectronicsSemiconductors & Flat Panel Displays (FPD)Electronic ComponentsVarious Plant FacilitiesPipingCompressorsPumps and Valves


Heat resistance guide*: 335°C
Standard hardness (Duro A): 76
Compression set at high temperatures is small and it offers stable sealing performance over a long period of time.
*The guide for heat resistance differs according to various conditions.

Compression set test results

Test conditions

Measurement tool: see the figure above
Test material: O-ring (AS568-214: φ3.53 mm × ID 25.0 mm)
Heating temperature: 300°C
Compression rate: 25% (when heated)
BLAZER NEXT’s compression set at high temperatures is less than that of a general product (FFKM), and it delivers stable sealing performance over the long term.


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