Low friction, self-lubricating sliding material

TOMBO™ No. 9550


It is a sliding material with improved mechanical attributes such as wear resistance and creep resistance achieved by adding various filler materials to high-performance resins (PTFE, PPS) that have excellent heat resistance and low wear resistance properties.

Product Category

Fluororesin ProductsProcessed Products, Containers, Injection Molded Products, Welded ProductsAutopartsRetaining Parts & Other Materials(For automobiles)


AutomobilesBrake SystemsCompressors (for automobiles)Various Plant FacilitiesCompressors


Heat resistance is 260°C for the PTFE series and 240°C for the PPS series.
(The actual temperatures it can be used at change depending on the usage conditions.)
It has excellent friction properties, and so does not need to be lubricated.
It has excellent oil resistance and chemical resistance.


ABS backup rings
Piston rings for shock absorbers
Compressor sealing materials
Various ball valve seats
Alternative to metal sliding materials (lighter weight)
Nichias has a broad lineup of materials to meet all kinds of usage environments and usage conditions.


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