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Paper-form heat-insulation material


TOMBO™ No. 5635-A/-R/-M

FINEFLEX BIO Paper is a product that adds a small number of organic binders to FINEFLEX BIO Bulk and is manufactured into a paper form with the use of a paper manufacturing machine.
The product lineup consists of three types (A, R, M) that each has different features.

Textile product


TOMBO™ No. 5685-A/-B/-C/-D/-E

FINEFLEX BIO textile products are cloths, tapes, cords, and ropes manufactured by mixing a small number of organic fibers with silica-magnesia-calcia-based alkali earth silicate (AES) wool and using the same method as general textile products.

Alumina fiber-based heat-insulation board


TOMBO™ No. 5461

RF BOARD is a product made by adding inorganic and organic binders to alumina fiber and then molding this into a board form.
As it is made of a fiber-based board, it has little heat storage volume. It can be used to design compact furnaces thanks to its excellent thermal insulation properties and workability.
Nichias has a lineup of various dense boards that are suitable for working temperatures of 1, 400°C to 1, 800°C or parts used in such an environment.
Therefore, it performs really well as a lining material for ultra-high-temperature electric furnaces and various high-temperature furnaces.

Board-form heat-insulation material


TOMBO™ No. 4350

ROSLIM BOARD H and GH are high performance heat-insulation materials that have better thermal insulation than still air and top-class workability and handling.
ROSLIM Board GH won the 2015 Energy Conservation Grand Prize

General purpose heat insulation sheet


TOMBO™ No. 6702

NA MILLBOARD is a sheet made by mixing a slight amount of organic binder material with the main component of inorganic minerals before manufacturing it into a sheet form. It is a product with low thermal conductivity and excellent heat resistance (800°C).

Heat-expandable and fire-resistant sheet


TOMBO™ No. 6760-A

VERMOFLEX is a heat-expanding fireproof sheet that is made by mixing a heat-expandable inorganic material and small amounts of organic and inorganic binders with alkali earth silicate (AES) wool, and then manufacturing it into a sheet form. Its thickness expands by about three-fold when heated (when heated without a load).

Board-form heat-insulation material for transfer, casting, and holding


TOMBO™ No. 4720

LUMIBOARD is an asbestos-free, xonotlite-based calcium silicate board with excellent heat resistance. It has excellent machinability and is best suited as a transfer, casting, and holding type thermal insulation material for headers for troughs, spouts, floats, hot top rings in direct contact with molten aluminum alloys and holding furnaces for die casting.
There are two types of this product: L-14Z, which is the standard version, and L-100, which contains special reinforced fibers. This product is used as a material for casting parts such as hot top rings.

Molded shapes for molten aluminum vessel


TOMBO™ No. 4723

LUMISUL is an integrated molded product that is molded and fired into various shapes as a lining material for receptacles that come into direct contact with molten aluminum alloy.
It has excellent dryness, strength, moisture retention, and cutting properties, and as it is heated and fired beforehand, it has excellent heat stability and durability, with almost no moisture harmful to molten aluminum.

Ceramic fiber based fibrous castable


TOMBO™ No. 4722-A

LUMICAST is a fiber-based amorphous thermal insulation material that is designed for lining various water receivers and gutters in direct contact with molten aluminum alloys.

Thin lagging glass cloth


TOMBO™ No. 8200

MARINETEX is a lagging cloth and tape for thermal insulation applications, made by weaving ultra-fine glass fiber with bulky yarn and subjecting it to repeated special treatment to eliminate the prickling sensation of the glass.
It provides excellent thermal insulation and is flexible and stretchy, making it suitable for bonding and sewing. It can be easily installed even in the most complicated of places.

Thick lagging glass cloth


TOMBO™ No. 8400/8401/8402/8403

Thick glass cloth, tape and yarn for thermal insulation, made by weaving bulky, treated glass yarn. A special heat treatment is applied to the product, and thus it has high strength and maintains its flexibility even at high temperatures unlike conventional glass cloth.
It is suitable for applications that require a cloth that is thicker than our TOMBO No. 8200 MARINETEX.

Aluminum-incorporated heat-resistant cloth sheet


TOMBO™ No. 8982

It is a product that is made by welding aluminum foil onto MARINETEX Cloth or INSULTEX Cloth or bonding an aluminum metallized film to the cloth.