Silica cloth

TOMBO™ No. 8250

Silica Textile

This is a silica cloth developed for severe conditions in high temperature ranges for which glass cloth is not compatible. Due to the high purity of the SiO2 fiber, there is little deterioration in the silica cloth even when used at high temperatures, making it particularly suitable for applications requiring heat resistance, acid resistance, and electrical insulation.

Product Category

Thermal Insulation MaterialUp to 600°CUp to 1500℃


Chemistry & PetrochemistryOil Refining & PetrochemistryChemistryEnergy (Electricity, Gas, Heat Supplies)Thermal Power Stations (Coal)Thermal Power Stations (LNG)Hydrogen and AmmoniaBiomass Power Generation and Heat Supply PlantsAviation, Ship Building, and RailSpace and RocketsVarious Plant FacilitiesIndustrial Furnaces (Electric Furnaces/Combustion Furnaces)


It offers excellent heat resistance.
It offers excellent thermal shock resistance.
It offers excellent workability.
It offers excellent flexibility.
It is chemically stable.
It offers excellent thermal insulation properties.


For high temperature thermal insulation
Furnace curtains, fireproof curtains, lagging thermal insulation materials for annealing
A duvet cover made in combination with alumina-silica ceramic fiber: SILTEX Cloth 1000 or 1000-S
A duvet cover made in combination with rock wool: SILTEX Cloth 700
Lagging for sound-absorption materials
Surface coating material of fibrous sound-absorption materials for sound absorption of exhaust ducts such as gas turbines, automobile exhaust pipes, boilers, etc.
For high temperature filtering
For excessive dust removal of high temperature gas air.
For protection from welding sparks in areas where acid resistance is required.

Production specifications

Width: 1, 000 mm, Length: 30 m
Type Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m)
SILTEX Cloth 700 0.55 1000 50
SILTEX Cloth 1000 0.6 850 25
SILTEX Cloth 1000S 0.8 1000 25
SILTEX Cloth 1000M 0.65 810 25
*The values above are our actual measurement values. They are not standard values.


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