Fire-Proof Cloth

TOMBO™ No. 8300


Shipyards and construction sites are constantly exposed to the risk of fires due to spatter and slag produced during welding and cutting. There may also be cases where vital equipment such as computers could be damaged. Our Fire-Proof Cloth is a dedicated spark-protection cloth developed to withstand such severe conditions.

Product Category

Thermal Insulation MaterialRoom Temperature to 200°CUp to 600°CUp to 1500℃


Chemistry & PetrochemistryOil Refining & PetrochemistryChemistryEnergy (Electricity, Gas, Heat Supplies)Thermal Power Stations (Coal)Thermal Power Stations (LNG)Hydrogen and AmmoniaBiomass Power Generation and Heat Supply PlantsResidential Housing & Non-ResidentialBuilding (Non-Residential) ConstructionIron & Non-Ferrous MetalsSteelmaking Plants


It offers excellent resistance to molten metal.
Lightweight and flexible.
It offers excellent workability.
*We also offer custom-designed sewn products. Please consult us if you have particular specifications in mind.


Prevents the scattering of welding sparks
Prevents the scattering of slag when cutting
Equipment protection and covering
Non-combustible curtain

Product specifications and quality characteristics

TOMBO No. Product name Coatings Size
Thickness × width × length
Class A TestNote 1 Mass
(roll/25 mm)
Tensile strength
Vertical Horizontal Vertical Horizontal
8300-S Fire-Proof Cloth S None 0.65t×810mm×25m Flame ignition: none
Through holes: none
625 54 40 403 377
8300-SW Fire-proof cloth SW Included
(Special resin on one side)
0.70t×810mm×25m Flame ignition: none
Through holes: none
670 54 40 1519 372
Note 1: JIS A 1323 Flame retardant testing method for spark droplets of welding and gas cutting on fabric sheets in construction works
*These are our actual measurement values. They are not standard values.

Comparison with carbon-based cloth

A test was carried out to compare the product with a carbon-based cloth that is typically used at welding sites.
FIRE PROOF CLOTH S (Nichias product)
FIRE PROOF CLOTH SW cloth surface (Nichias product)
FIRE PROOF CLOTH SW coating surface (Nichias product)
A typically used carbon-based cloth
Test conditions and test method
JIS A 1323 Class A equivalent
The four test specimen types were used to assess the flame retardancy of sparks generated when a 9mm-thick steel plate for spark generation was cut.
Judgment criteria
No through holes that are harmful in terms of ignition and fireproofing.
Test results
No through holes that are harmful in terms of ignition and fireproofing were made in either test specimen during the test (about 48 seconds long).
However, smoke was observed after the “typically used carbon-based cloth” was cut on its own.
A video of the test is below.


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