Sanitary use gasket

TOMBO™ No. 9014-A/-B/-BW


The TOMBO No.9014 SANICLEAN GASKET is an easy-to-use SANICLEAN GASKET that has an elastic rubber gasket surface covered with a PTFE resin film that has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, and contamination resistance, thereby taking advantage of the benefits of both rubber and PTFE materials. There are two types available: TOMBO No.9014-A for threaded joints and TOMBO No.9014-B for ferrule.

Product Category

Elastomer ProductsPTFE Covered Elastomer / General Purpose Elastomer


Food & DrinkFood & DrinkHealthcare and MedicineMedicine


It complies with the Food Sanitation Act, FDANote 1, and USPNote 2.
There is no surface degradation from the hot water, acid, or base used when carrying out sanitation work.
There is little liquid adhesion and permeation, which shortens the sanitation process and duration when changing flavorsNote3.
*While the usage method is easy just like that of a gasket for conventional rubber sanitary piping, additional fastening work is required.

Note 1: §177.1550 Perfluorocarbon Resins
§177.2600 Rubber articles intended for repeat use
Note 2: <87> Biological Reactivity Tests, In Vitro
<88> Biological Reactivity Tests, In Vivo (Class VI)
Note 3: Changing flavors is the act of changing the production item on a production line shared by various beverages such as a product filling line.

Usage scope

Working temperature range: -40 °C to 150 °C
Maximum working pressure: 1.0 MPa

Standard dimensions

Nominal dimensions
9014-A (for threaded joints) [mm] 9014-B (for ferrule) [mm]
φA φB φC φA φB φC
1 32.5 29.2 23.0 49.5 43.5 23.1
1 1/2 46.0 42.7 35.6 49.5 43.5 35.8
2 59.5 56.2 47.8 63.0 56.5 48.0
2 1/2 73.0 69.9 59.5 76.5 70.5 59.7
3 86.5 82.6 72.1 90.0 83.5 72.3
4 112.5 108.3 97.6 118.0 110.0 97.8
*The standard dimensions of TOMBO No.9014-A and B are determined based on the IDF Standard, but they can also be used for threaded joints and clamp joints according to ISO 2852 and ISO 2853.


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