A raised-access floor system made of steel with a wooden core

TOMBO™ No. 6485


A raised-access floor system that is eco-friendly and has a clipboard core.
It has superior walking comfort and creates a comfortable office environment.
Nichias contributes to constructing eco-friendly, next-generation office buildings in anticipation of the carbon neutrality age by taking action to comply with the Minato Model and Green Building certification systems.

Product Category

Building Materials(For Residential Housing/Non-Residential)Raised-Access Floor Systems


Residential Housing & Non-ResidentialBuilding (Non-Residential) Construction


1. Uses recycled materials with little burden on the environment
The wooden material used as the core material of this product is, in principle, made up of 100%Note1 wooden chips molded from waste wood collected when demolishing residential housing. The core material is made from material with little burden on the environment that is molded into a board form.
Recycled material is also used for the polypropylene resin parts that are mounted to the pedestals.


2. Manufacturing methods with little burden on the environment
By adopting a manufacturing approach that only uses electricity, no exhaust gas is produced. Nichias uses a manufacturing approach that has little burden on the environment.

3. Reduced labor with lightweight panels
By being 36% lighter than Nichias’ existing product (Nichias SIGMA FLOOR), it reduces the burden presented by covering facilities and installation work.
Making the system lighter has also reduced the burden placed on building frames.

4. Enabling the use of waste materials collected from worksites
Nichias collects waste wooden materials such as covering plywood and formwork plywood from construction sites. These materials can then be processed into wooden chips, made into recycled core material boards, and used again as NOA FLOOR at worksites.


Grade Panel Type Opening Design concentrated load
: Temporary load (N)
Design concentrated load
: Fixed load (N)
Weight of panel
3000 N 0 None 3, 000 2, 000 21.3 Panels
PK Included
5000 N
Available soon
0 None 5, 000 3, 300 27.5 Panels
PK Included
*While there may be some small lines or marks on the product surface due to manufacturing reasons, this is not a problem in terms of the product’s performance.
*The shape of the surface may differ depending on the lot.


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