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GASKET KOBO is a service truck fitted with equipment for machining gaskets.
If GASKET KOBO is located at the premises of your plant during a maintenance period, gaskets that are suddenly required can be supplied there and then.

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GASKET KOBO is a truck fitted with equipment for machining seat gaskets. GASKET KOBO set up on the premises of Nichias’ customers that are undergoing maintenance work. By machining and supplying gaskets there and then, it is possible to handle urgent requests during maintenance.

Repairs and inspections are carried out by regularly shutting down facilities at petrochemical plants and the like for maintenance. Although gaskets, which are a sealing material for pipe joints, are also replaced during repairs and inspections and the customer prepares new gaskets to replace the old ones in advance, there are some cases where gaskets are urgently required due to unplanned repair work, etc.


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