Calcium silicate eaves and soffit boards

TOMBO™ No. 6458-N


Nichias’ ECOLUX (ESB), which is part of the calcium silicate board ECOLUX lineup that is made using recycled materials, is a board used for eaves applications.
Eco-friendly attributes have been added to the conventional features of calcium silicate boards.
Ecology and quality will be two factors that become the new standard in calcium silicate boards.

Product Category

Building Materials(For Residential Housing/Non-Residential)Eaves and Soffit BoardsCalcium silicate board


Residential Housing & Non-ResidentialHousing ConstructionBuilding (Non-Residential) Construction


A non-flammable material (non-flammable certification NM-1217)
It is incombustible as it uses a base material made mainly of inorganic raw materials.

Excellent dimensional stability
The material is stable as it is formed of a calcium silicate crystal structure. The change in dimensions due to temperatures and humidity is minimal.

Similar to wood and is easy to machine
Just like wood and plywood, it can be easily used for sawing, nailing, and planing.


Width × length
Tolerance (mm) Bulk density
Bending strength [vertical]
Length change rate
from water absorption [vertical] (%)
Thickness Width, length
5 910 × 910 (3' × 3')Note 1
910 × 1820 ( 3'×6')
±0.4 +0
0.70 or more
Less than 0.90
10.0 or more 0.15 or less

*Nichias also offers chamfering. The chamfering is C2 (C2 means cutting out a 2 mm-long isosceles right-angled triangle). Chamfering is done to order depending on the region.
Note 1: Made-to-order depending on the region.


Non-flammable certification NM-1217


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