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PTFE cut gasket


TOMBO™ No. 9007

NAFLON™ PTFE GASKET has excellent chemical resistance and anti-staining properties, and is used as a gasket material in a wide range of industries such as fine chemicals, petrochemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food industry, and semiconductor industry.

Steam-resistant perfluoro elastomer

BLAZER™ O-ring-S2

TOMBO™ No. 2675-S2

BLAZER S2 is a perfluoroelastomer that shows stable sealing performance in environments with high-temperature steam and nucleophilic agents.
It is a product with significantly improved steam resistance, rapid decompression properties, and crushing properties thanks to Nichias’ newly developed, original cross-linking agent and its proprietary mixing technologies.

Chemical-resistant perfluoro elastomer

BLAZER™ O-ring-A

TOMBO™ No. 2675-A

It has excellent chemical resistance and demonstrates resistance against polar solvents such as amines and chemicals such as organic acids that cannot be used with other fluoroelastomers. It suffers little metal elution and is suitable for applications that require both chemical resistance and purity.

Sanitary use gasket


TOMBO™ No. 9014-A/-B/-BW

The TOMBO No.9014 SANICLEAN GASKET is an easy-to-use SANICLEAN GASKET that has an elastic rubber gasket surface covered with a PTFE resin film that has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, and contamination resistance, thereby taking advantage of the benefits of both rubber and PTFE materials. There are two types available: TOMBO No.9014-A for threaded joints and TOMBO No.9014-B for ferrule.

Reusable flexible heat-insulation material


TOMBO™ No. 4500-R

It is an attachable thermal insulation material that can be used repeatedly.
Nichias assists in environmental conservation and improvements through energy saving initiatives at buildings and plants.