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Metallic shim with rubber coat


TOMBO™ No. 1600

Nichias’ anti-brake-noise shim material, METAKOTE, is a composite material in which NBR rubber, which has excellent vibration-damping properties, is coated and vulcanized evenly and firmly over both sides (or one side) of a metallic base material using Nichias’ special adhesion technology. It reduces brake noise by way of rubber vibration isolation and sliding friction.

Oil-resistant foamed rubber coat type


TOMBO™ No. 1608

It is a material that adapts very well to flanges.

High-performance sandwich-structured shim


TOMBO™ No. 1614

METAPULS is a completely new type of brake shim that is made by layering rubber and metal plates and performing adhesive lamination of the metal plate via a special heat-resistant adhesive. It significantly reduces squeaking by adding vibration-damping performance not featured in conventional products and placing the rubber surface on the caliper side.

Pasting-type shim with heat-resistant adhesive


TOMBO™ No. 1612

METAPULS is an adhesive brake shim material that is made by coating a metal plate in rubber and highly heat-resistant adhesive material “E”. By peeling off a release paper and affixing it to the braking plate of the brake pad, this product reduces the squeaking sound of brakes with its vibration-damping mechanism.

Low friction, self-lubricating sliding material


TOMBO™ No. 9550

It is a sliding material with improved mechanical attributes such as wear resistance and creep resistance achieved by adding various filler materials to high-performance resins (PTFE, PPS) that have excellent heat resistance and low wear resistance properties.