Pasting-type shim with heat-resistant adhesive

TOMBO™ No. 1612


METAPULS is an adhesive brake shim material that is made by coating a metal plate in rubber and highly heat-resistant adhesive material “E”. By peeling off a release paper and affixing it to the braking plate of the brake pad, this product reduces the squeaking sound of brakes with its vibration-damping mechanism.

Product Category

AutopartsSound-Proofing Parts/Materials (For automobiles)Parts for Electric Vehicles (EV)


AutomobilesBrake SystemsElectric vehicles (EV)


Vibration damping
It has top-class vibration-absorption properties. Given that there is little change to its viscoelasticity even in thermal deterioration environments, it can maintain its vibration damping over a long period of time even in strict usage environments such as that of brakes.
Adhesive properties in environments with a heat burden
This adhesive material has top-class heat resistance that is essential for the materials of brake shims. Therefore, it can offer a stable adhesive strength even in environments with a heat burden.
Compression resistance properties
Heat-resistant adhesive materials not only have little compression and deformation, but there is also little flow of the adhesive even in hot temperatures, and so it delivers stable performance over a long period of time even in environments subject to repeated compression.
Simple adhesion
Initial tacks are expensive, and so it is easy to adhere it to a padded back plate.


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