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Joint sheet


TOMBO™ No. 1120

Expanded graphite is its main material, and so it has excellent heat resistance, steam resistance, and corrosion resistance.
It is not susceptible to scratches and has excellent flexibility.
It is used for flanges, valves, and equipment in comparatively hot temperatures.
For low-temperature fluids such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), Nichias recommends TOMBO No.1120-LN, which undergoes special treatment.

Joint sheet


TOMBO™ No. 1993

It has excellent heat resistance and steam resistance and is suitable for steam lines.

Fluoropolymer gasket


TOMBO™ No. 1133

It can be used for a wide range of fluids such as acids, alkalis, oils, petrochemicals, organic solvents, hot oils, heat-transfer gases, and steam. (Except for some strong alkalis and acids.)
It has the best heat resistance among fluororesin gaskets.
It can also be used for parts that need electrical insulation.

Expanded graphite gasket


TOMBO™ No. 1200

It is more cost-effective than the other GRASEAL GASKET models.
As it is weaker and less workable than the steel sheet type, Nichias recommends using it only for nominal diameters of 4 inches or less.
It can be used for uniquely shaped flanges such as liquid level gauges, as well as various industrial pipe flanges, heat exchanges, and valve bonnets.

Expanded graphite gasket


TOMBO™ No. 1210-A

It is stronger than TOMBO No.1215-A due to its pronged steel plate.
Nichias recommends this product if TOMBO No.1215-A is not strong enough for you or if there are specification restrictions.

Expanded graphite gasket


TOMBO™ No. 1215

It has excellent workability and can be machined into complex shapes.
It is used for uniquely shaped flanges, valve bonnets, heat exchangers, etc.
Nichias also offers TOMBO No.1215-T, which has improved sealing performance against gas by undergoing treatment to make it impervious. (However, its maximum working temperature is 260°C.)

Expanded graphite gasket


TOMBO™ No. 1215-A

It has excellent workability and can be machined into complex shapes.
It is used for uniquely shaped flanges, valve bonnets, heat exchangers, etc.

Square stack lining material


TOMBO™ No. 6496

CERASTUCK is a board-shaped stack lining material with excellent heat resistance and workability. It is made by adding aggregate and inorganic reinforced fibers to its main material Xonolite (calcium silicate). It can be used for the exhaust of boilers for distributing hot water and heating as well as the exhaust of internal combustion engines of home power-generation facilities.

Board-form heat-insulation/sound-absorption material


NICHIAS offers third types of MG BOARD: a JIS1 product to JIS3 product, which are made by adding a thermosetting resin to rock wool as a binder and molding it into a board. For the surface materials of MG BOARD 080, Nichias offers adhesive aluminum glass cloth (ALGC) and glass cloth (GC) that is affixed flat on top and around the edges.

Belt-shaped thermal insulation materials


MG BELT is made by cutting MG BOARD into strips and reinforcing it with cheesecloth.
The fibers stand upright in the thickness direction, and so it has excellent flexibility and is easy to wrap around pipes and circular ducts. Nichias’ product lineup also includes a cheesecloth-affixed product and an ALGC-decorated product.

Roll-form heat-insulation/sound-absorption material


MG MIGHTY ROLL is a product in which minute amounts of resin are added to rock wool as a binder before molding it into a felt. ALK (aluminum craft foil) or ALGC (aluminum glass cloth) is then affixed to one side before rolling the product up into a roll.
The adhesive ALGC products comply with the Japanese Architectural Standard Specifications (Mechanical Equipment Construction Work Edition).

Blanket-form heat-insulation/sound-absorption material


MG WIRED BLANKET is a product that is made by fixing hexagonal wire mesh to one side of an MG BOARD with iron wire and rolling it up into a roll.
It has excellent workability and can be installed easily onto complex parts and curved surfaces. It is also useful as an additional heat insulation material for added thickness.