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Fluoropolymer universal expansion joint


TOMBO™ No. 9061-S/9061-HW/9061-GY/9062-S/9062-L/9063-S, L

Mainly for absorbing the thermal expansion and contraction of piping, it is an all-around expansion joint that uses fluororesin, which boasts many excellent attributes such as chemical resistance and heat resistance.
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Fluoropolymer hose


TOMBO™ No. 9065/9066/9067/9068

NAFLON HOSE contains an inner hose made from an excellent heat- and chemical-resistant fluoropolymer. These products can be further modified to meet the requirements of particular applications by reinforcing the outside of the tube with protective stainless steel wire braiding or fitting with designated metal or flared connections. For its main applications, it is best suited as a pipe joint for steam, oil (particularly non-flammable oils), various gases, chemical solutions, and foodstuff.

Fluoropolymer lined valve

Fluoropolymer lined valve

The Ball Valve, Diaphragm Valve, and Ball Check Valve have thickly lined walls made of PFA and ETFE. The wetted part of all these products is lined entirely with fluororesin and so they can be used with peace of mind as fully-fledged, corrosion-resistant valves.

PAF lined pipes

PFA lined pipes

A straight pipe fitting that has a thick wall lining made of PFA. The standard product size is 15 A to 300 A, and for straight pipes, Nichias can manufacture a product up to 5 meters. Proud of its vast lineup, Nichias has a whole range of fittings ready and available. Nichias also manufactures non-adhesive, colored PFA lining products for use with high-purity chemical solutions.

Fluoropolymer tank lining

Fluoropolymer tank lining

As an application that utilizes the excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance of fluororesin, it is used as a corrosion-resistant lining for large-diameter tanks, stress tanks, and towers. Nichias offers PFA and PTFE fluororesins as types of lining materials, and thanks to Nichias’ various lining methods, the materials have a broad temperature range and chemical resistance, as well as excellent performance in a wide pressure range.

Vessel accessory

Vessel accessory

As accessories for vessels and towers that require corrosion resistance, such as fluororesin-lined tanks, glass-lined tanks, and FRP tanks, Nichias has a lineup of various products that include PFA-lined blow pipes, spargers, drip pipes, level gauges (for low pressures and for high pressures), thermometer protection tubes.

Fluoropolymer roto lining


TOMBO™ No. 9966/9946

ETFE/PFA ROTO LINING is a product that is made by bonding ETFE/PFA to a metal surface through rotational molding.
It is possible to add a joint-free lining to a base material with a complex shape. However, it cannot be used for high-purity chemicals.

Fluoropolymer coating


TOMBO™ No. 9035

NAFLON COATING is a fluororesin baking paint to give fluororesin attributes such as non-stickiness and corrosion resistance to a surface such as metal. Nichias selects and installs various fluororesin materials to suit your objective and application.
※ This product may fall under controlled goods defined by “Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act”. If so, export admission according to the act above is required for exporting such a product.

PTTE thread seal tape


TOMBO™ No. 9082

A product made by rolling unfired PTFE into a tape form. It has a great deal of flexibility, and so it can easily seal parts with complex shapes. It is extremely user-friendly as it can be attached/detached easily without contaminating fluids. If using for a threaded joint, make sure to use a tapered screw.