Paste-form amorphous fire-resistant material

TOMBO™ No. 5675


FINEFLEX BIO CAST is a monolithic refractory material in paste form that is made by wet-mixing FINEFLEX BIO Bulk and inorganic binders, etc. It is a repair material that can be easily installed to unique shapes and complex parts due to being a soft, kneaded material.
TOMBO No.5675-400 A standard general-use product.
TOMBO No.5675-700 A high-density, general-use product.
TOMBO No.5675-400P Suitable for pumping and spraying construction methods.

Product Category

Thermal Insulation MaterialUp to 1500℃


Energy (Electricity, Gas, Heat Supplies)Thermal Power Stations (Coal)Thermal Power Stations (LNG)Biomass Power Generation and Heat Supply PlantsIron & Non-Ferrous MetalsSteelmaking PlantsCarbon Neutrality and DecarbonizationIndustrial-Use InsulationEnergy Saving ProposalsBiomass Power Generation and Heat Supply PlantsVarious Plant FacilitiesIndustrial Furnaces (Electric Furnaces/Combustion Furnaces)


Heating furnace skid pipe host for steel
Casting heating furnace ceilings and side walls
Outer wall sealing for glass tank kiln chamber
Burner tiles and roller tiles
Repairing of existing heat resistance material

Quality characteristics

Item TOMBO No.
5675-400 5675-700 5675-400P
Application General-use product
(Standard type)
General-use product
(High-density type)
For pump installation
Maximum heat resistant temperature (°C) 1300 1300 1300
Color White to pale white White to pale white White to pale white
Density (kg/m3) Normal state (before drying) 1160 1320 1160
After drying at 105°C 450 750 480
Heat shrinkage rate (%) 1200°C × 24h 2.0 2.0 2.0
Bending strength (MPa) After drying at 105°C 0.5 0.9 0.8
1200°C × 24h 0.4 0.8 0.4
Thermal conductivity
W/ (m・K)
600°C 0.19 0.20 0.22
*The values above are actual values measured by Nichias. They are not standard values.
*Thermal conductivity differs according to the installation state.

Packaging and quantity

TOMBO No. Packaging & packing method
5675-400 Contains 2 kg/can Contains 15 kg/can
5675-700 Contains 2 kg/can Contains 20 kg/can
5675-400P Contains 15 kg/can 330 cc / cartridge
300 cc/plastic bag 1000 cc/plastic bag
*Products packed into a plastic bag are put into a can.
*The storage period is 6 months when storing in a sealed dark room that is 4°C or more.


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