PTFE pipe

TOMBO™ No. 9008


NAFLON PTFE pipe is a thick-walled pipe material that is formed into a cylindrical shape by way of compression molding. NAFLON PTFE pipe can be used for a wide range of applications such as the likes of valve seats, V-packings, no-lubrication bearings of machine parts, gaskets, and packings, which are cut and require chemical resistance.

Product Category

Fluororesin ProductsMaterials (Sheets, Rods, Films and Tapes, Pipes)


Chemistry & PetrochemistryChemistry


This product is compliant with JIS K6897.

Standard dimensions

Unit: (mm)
Length Outside diameter
100 20 to 1115
*If you would like to know the dimensions of the product with a filler material, please contact us.
*If you inform us of the final product, we will select the optimum material dimensions for you.

NAFLON PTFE pipe with filler and types and applications

Unit: (mm)
TOMBO No. Filler Material Application
9008-G15 G20 G25 Glass fiber (15%, 20%, 25%) Packings, bearings, piston rings, mechanical parts, electrical insulators, etc.
9008-GGR Glass fiber, graphite No-lubrication bearings, piston rings, valve seats, etc.
9008-GMo Glass fiber, molybdenum disulfide Bearings, etc.
9008-BR Bronze High-speed bearings, mechanical parts, etc.
9008-SC Special carbon Gaskets, valve discs, valve seats, mechanical parts (for hydrofluoric acid applications), etc.
9008-GR15 GR30 Graphite Bearings, piston rings, mechanical seals
9008-CF10 CF15 Carbon fiber Valve seats, valve disks, bearings, etc.
9008-SCCF Special carbon, carbon fiber Valve seats, valve disks, etc.
*As TOMBO No. 9008-SCCF contains a large amount of filler, if it is used as a gas sealing material, it may leak depending on the conditions of use. If you have any questions about this matter, please contact us.


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