PTFE sheet

TOMBO™ No. 9000


The NAFLON PTFE sheet is a versatile material made by compression molding a single-substance PTFE or a powdered raw PTFE material in which various inorganic fillers are mixed with the PTFE.

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Fluororesin ProductsMaterials (Sheets, Rods, Films and Tapes, Pipes)


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NAFLON PTFE sheets are widely used in gaskets, electrical insulation materials, mechanical parts, etc. due to fluororesin’s excellent chemical stability, electrical properties, and low friction coefficient. If you require wear resistance and compression strength, use the sheet with filler.

NAFLON PTFE sheet with filler
It is a sheet material that offers improved wear resistance, creep resistance, thermal conductivity, and thermal dimensional stability by blending various inorganic fillers with PTFE. Optimal for use with mechanical parts that require heat resistance and wear resistance.
*Depending on the usage atmosphere (type of chemical solution, etc.), some grades cannot be used. If you have any questions, please contact us.


TOMBO No. Filler Material
9000-G15, 20, 25 Glass fiber (15%, 20%, 25%)
9000-GR15, 30 Graphite (15%, 30%)
9000-GMo Glass fiber (15%) + molybdenum disulfide (5%)
9000-GGR Glass fiber (20%) + graphite (5%)
9000-BR Bronze (60%)
9000-CF10, 15 Carbon fiber (10%, 15%)
9000-SC Special carbon
9000-LC Low creep

Standard dimensions

Angular plate
Unit: (mm)
Material Thickness Vertical × horizontal
Pure PTFE 1 to 6 (Skived) 300, 500, 1000, 1220
7 to 80 (Stamped)
With filler material
-G15, 20, 25, -GR15, 30, -GMo, -GGR, -BR, -CF10, 15
4 to 50 (Stamped) 300, 500, 1000
With special carbon
1.5 to 3 1220
With special filler material
1.5 to 3 1220
*For products with a thickness of 3 mm or less, we can manufacture a longer version of the product. If you are interested, please contact us.


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