Efforts to Improve Employee Well-Being

Safety and Sanitation Efforts

Based on the following Basic Safety and Sanitation Policy, the NICHIAS Group engages in safety and sanitation efforts as an entire group and strives to create workplaces where everyone can work with peace of mind.

  • 〇 The strong leadership from the top and involvement of employees facilitates NICHIAS’ proactive safety and sanitation efforts and aims to embed a “safety first” attitude.
  • 〇 NICHIAS creates pleasant work environments to ensure the well-being of everyone.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Promoting the Taking of Paid Holidays

As part of efforts to create workplaces where employees can work with peace of mind, NICHIAS actively promotes the taking of paid holidays.By having employees establish an annual plan for taking paid holidays beforehand, NICHIAS increases awareness around taking holidays and creates workplaces where it is easier for staff to take them. 

Introduction of a Remote Work System

NICHIAS introduced a Remote Work System in January 2020 to reduce the burden and time constraints on employees who are pregnant, have young children, or are involved in nursing elderly relatives, as well as to reduce the commuting burden on employees who have returned to work after being injured or sick.

Diversity Initiatives

Promoting the Hiring of Persons With Disabilities

NICHIAS actively recruits people with disabilities at its business establishments all over Japan.While taking on interns from special needs schools, doing follow-ups after new recruits join the company, and communicating with support organizations, NICHIAS undertakes efforts to ensure that people with disabilities can work with peace of mind for many years at the company.NICHIAS employees with disabilities work at various workplaces doing general administration and affairs and light-duty work at the Group’s business establishment nationwide, including not only the head office in Tokyo but also branch offices, regional offices, and plants.

Development and Training of Staff

Training Staff to Resolve Problems and Accomplish Challenges

The NICHIAS Group has implemented the Group-wide improvements initiative, NKK (NICHIAS Kaizen Katsudo), since 2015 to embed making improvements as a company culture and balance employee satisfaction and improvements to productivity.

This initiative establishes “Attempt”, “Nurture”, and “Gratitude” as its three principles, and encourages the active participation of NICHIAS employees.By continuing to implement this initiative, NKK has become the “culture” of the NICHIAS Group and contributes to achieving NICHIAS’ vision of being “a company that is a good place to work and full of smiles”.

NKK is an extremely useful initiative in training personnel who can identify problems on their own and think and resolve problems by themselves.

About NKK

The results of improvement efforts through NKK are revealed at an international event held once a year.

The NKK initiative is partly promoted by producing a poster each year of the team that wins the Gold Prize, which celebrates the best team at the international event.

Poster modeled after the Gold Prize winner team

Latest efforts status

Please see the integrated report for the latest status of initiatives.

Integrated Report