Activities to Contribute to Society & Local Communities

The NICHIAS Group has many production and sales bases all over the world.Each business establishment strives for harmony between its employees and the local community and engages in various initiatives to prosper together.

This page introduces an example.

Participation in autumn festival of Tatsuta Shrine Tatsuta Industry Corporation

The autumn festival of Tatsuta Shrine was held for the first time in three years. A total of twelve employees of Tatsuta Industry Corporation participated in carrying the mikoshi (portable sacred shrine).

Junior high school students experienced the workplace NICHIAS CERATECH CO., LTD.

NICHIAS CERATECH CO., LTD. received a request from a junior high school in Iizuna Town, where our head office Mure and Omotecho factories are located, to provide a work experience project for junior high school students.

Latest efforts status

Please see the integrated report for the latest status of initiatives.

Integrated Report