Environmental Policies & Approaches

Environmental Charter & Environmental Action Guidelines

The philosophy of the NICHIAS Group is to “Help Make the Future Brighter with Its ‘Insulation and Protection’ Technologies”.To “Help Make the Future Brighter”, NICHIAS’ products must help reduce the negative impact on the environment, and the production efforts of the Group must have a minimal impact on the environment.The NICHIAS Environmental Charter & Environmental Action Guidelines was established to promote this way of thinking among all NICHIAS employees.

The Environmental Charter expresses a strong desire to help protect the environment with the company’s proprietary “Insulation and Protection” technologies.

Environmental Action Guidelines have also been set to achieve the goals of the Environmental Charter in specific ways.
The Environmental Action Guidelines promise that NICHIAS will continue to do the following:

  1. Comply fully with laws and regulations
  2. Develop products that reduce the negative impact on the environment
  3. Improve the Group’s environmental performance
  4. Operate in harmony with society

NICHIAS Environmental Charter & Environmental Action Guidelines(PDF:1.9MB)

Established on April 6, 2001

Revised on April 1, 2017

Environmental Management System

NICHIAS Corporation has set up a NICHIAS Group Environmental Committee to apply the NICHIAS Environmental Charter & Environmental Action Guidelines to specific activities and implement them.This committee is made up of the three sub-committees of Products, Management, and Plants.

The Products Sub-Committee examines products and manufacturing methods that contribute to decarbonization and the recycling of resources and discusses matters related to the management of chemical substances such as the selection of chemical substances prohibited from use in environmental assessments and the status of alternatives to hazardous chemical substances.The Plants Sub-Committee checks the status of compliance with environmental laws and regulations and discusses activities to save energy, save resources, and reduce any negative impact on the environment.

NICHIAS’ manufacturing business establishments in Japan and Overseas acquire ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification and undertake thorough environmental risk management.In Japan, NICHIAS has also acquired integrated ISO 14001 certification that also includes its plants, manufacturing subsidiaries, and Engineering Division, which oversees environmental initiatives, and also facilitates environmental efforts systematically and efficiently as a group.

The NICHIAS Group’s certification status as of December 2020 is as follows.

Business establishments in Japan

Name of Business Establishment
(Application Range)
ISO 14001 Certification
Certified on Updated on Certification Number Certification Body Environmental Policy
NICHIAS Corporation July 12, 2002 December 6, 2019 JQA
EM 2498
Japan Quality Assurance Organization

Engineering Division
Tsurumi Factory
Oji Factory
Koriyama Factory
Hashima Factory
Fukuroi Factory
Yuki Factory
Metakote Industry Corporation
Nara & Okayama Factories
Tatsuta Industry Corporation
Tatsuta Head Office & Iida Factory
Fukushima NICHIAS Corporation
Kokubu Industry Corporation
Sakai NICHIAS Corporation
Ota Kasei Corporation
Nishi-Nippon NICHIAS Co., Ltd.
Kumamoto NICHIAS Corporation
Kimitsu Rockwool Corporation
NICHIAS Mechatechno Co., Ltd.
APJ Corporation September 21, 2001 September 21, 2019 JQA
EM 1788

Overseas Business Establishments

Name of Business Establishment ISO 14001 Certification
Certified on Updated on Certification Number Certification Body Environmental Policy
PT.NICHIAS ROCKWOOL INDONESIA November 21, 2002 December 10, 2020 ID02/57491 SGS United Kingdom Ltd
PT.NICHIAS METALWORKS INDONESIA November 26, 2008 December 26, 2020 ID08/01221 SGS United Kingdom Ltd
NICHIAS FGS SDN. BHD. July 19, 2002 April 12, 2020
April 12, 2020
SGS United Kingdom Ltd
NT RUBBER-SEALS SDN. BHD. April 23, 2009 July 2, 2018
June 29, 2018
SGS United Kingdom Ltd
NICHIAS (THAILAND)CO.,LTD. November 4, 2014 November 4, 2019 TH07/1773 SGS United Kingdom Ltd
NICHIAS HAIPHONG CO.,LTD. December 8, 2009 September 15, 2018 VN09/00092 SGS United Kingdom Ltd
SUZHOU NICHIAS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CO,.LTD. March 18, 2009 March 18, 2018 CN09/20501 SGS United Kingdom Ltd
NICHIAS AUTOPARTS EUROPE a.s. November 24, 2010 November 24, 2019 ISO14001-0050459 Lloyd's Register EMEA
NAX MFG, S.A. de C.V. March 18, 2014 March 31, 2020 151904-2014-AE-MCI-RvA DET NORSKE VERITAS