Disclosing Information to Shareholders & Investors

Investor Relations Activities

The NICHIAS Group recognizes the importance of taking opinions from all its shareholders and investors seriously and making effective use of them in its management, therefore it has established an IR team to serve as a department in charge of enhancing communication with shareholders and investors.

For example, in addition to holding financial results briefings for analysts and institutional investors, factory study tours, and company briefings for individual investors, the NICHIAS Group also conducts daily meetings and participates in conferences sponsored by brokerage companies, as well as visiting institutional investors overseas. The opinions acquired from such exchanges with analysts and institutional investors lead to in-house feedback from the people in charge of IR at Management Meetings, etc., and are useful in improving management and business activities. NICHIAS will continue its efforts to strengthen its communication with shareholders and investors both inside and outside Japan, as well as forming a broad spectrum of shareholders.

A scene of an IR meeting

IR Efforts during the Coronavirus Pandemic

In Fiscal Year 2022, the Group held financial results briefings online from the perspective of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus, in which it explained management policies, management strategies, the outline of its business operations, and financial information, as well as provide opportunities for executives and investors to meet and talk. In Fiscal Year 2022, factory visits and overseas IR meetings were canceled. Although it was very difficult to communicate face-to-face with investors, we continued to hold IR meetings daily using online conferencing and conference call systems. As a result, we held 141 meetings in total in Fiscal Year 2022.

NICHIAS will continue to enthusiastically engage in dialogues regarding not only financial information, but such non-financial information as the environment, society, governance, etc.

Latest Information for Shareholders & Investors

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