Anti-static PFA tube for chemical transportation

TOMBO™ No. 9003-NE


The NAFLON PFA-NE (PFA: Tetrafluoroethylene Perfluoroalkoxy Ethylene Copolymer, NE: Non-Explosion) Tube is a tube in which the outer surface of Nichias’ PFA-HG (inner surface of smooth New PFA) Tube has a striped, conductive PFA part.
Due to the isolation benefits of the conductive PFA part, it is best suited to preventing fire accidents caused by the discharge of sparks from a combustible gas atmosphere onto the outer surface of the tube.
*Winner of the Plunkett Award
Plunkett Award: An award established in 1988 to mark the 50th anniversary of the discovery of fluororesin Teflon™ by Doctor Plunkett, a scientist of DuPont™.

Product Category

Fluororesin ProductsTubes, Hoses, Bellows


Chemistry & PetrochemistryChemistryElectronicsSemiconductors & Flat Panel Displays (FPD)


Isolation benefits of the conductive PFA part:
・ It prevents spark discharge that can lead to igniting fires.
・ It prevents the dielectric breakdown of the tube due to discharge from within an electrical isolation atmosphere.
Benefits of the connection part being a PFA-HG tube:
・ There is little fluorine ion elution within the chemical solution.
・ There is little chemical solution permeation and residual.
・ It has chemical resistance, heat resistance, and strength equivalent to that of PFA.
Comparison in the case of preventing electrification by covering the PFA tube with a shielded conductor:
・ In comparison to covering with metal wire or a metallic mesh, there are no concerns over corrosion.
・ Reduces the time and effort of the covering work.
・ There is no danger of it being grounded due to inconsistency in the covering work.

Applications and usage precautions

For transporting high-purity chemicals and gas in semiconductor production equipment, which uses organic solvents (stripper fluid, acetone, IPA, thinner, etc.) that can ignite easily.
For transporting high-purity chemicals and gas nearby electrical equipment that is susceptible to noise from static electricity.
Has a shielded conductor coating and can be used as a substitute for a PFA tube.

Precautions for use
Make sure that it is grounded before using. For grounding, Nichias has a dedicated conductivity Grounding Band available.

Grounding Band
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding using or choosing this product.
The part that comes into contact with liquid is a non-conductive PFA-HG tube, and so it is thought that it does not prevent dielectric breakdown from streaming electrification with the liquid.
When using the product for tubes of sizes outside the applicable scope, use two Grounding Bands.


Volume resistivity
Unit: (Ω・cm)
Material Volume resistivity
Conductive PFA 5.3×102
PFA-HG 1018
*Measurement method: Complies with JIS K 7194.
*The values above are our actual measurement values. They are not standard values.
Antistatic properties
Unit: (V)
Tube type 1-meter-length tube: center part 15-meter-length tube: center part 1-meter-length tube: other end
PFA-NE tube 0.5 to 0.7 0.5 to 0.7 0.5 to 0.7
PFA-HG Tube 2.0 (measurement limit) - -
*Measurement method: The edge is grounded, the 20 cm width of the center part or the other end is rubbed 50 times with Bemcot, and the surface potential at this part is measured.
*The values above are our actual measurement values. They are not standard values.

Standard dimensions

Type Nominal dimensions (mm) Conductive part (mm)
Thickness × width × quantity
Length Burst pressure at 25°C
Minimum bending radius
Inside diameter Outside diameter Thickness
In millimeters 2 3 0.50 0.03×0.6×4 10
5.4 15
2 4 1.00 0.06×0.8×4 8.3 15
3 4 0.50 0.03×0.8×4 3.9 20
4 6 1.00 0.06×1.4×4 5.4 25
6 8 1.00 0.06×1.8×4 3.9 50
8 10 1.00 0.06×2.3×4 2.9 80
10 12 1.00 0.06×2.6×8 2.5 130
16 19 1.50 0.06×3.8×8 10
2.4 200
22 25 1.50 0.06×4.9×8 1.8 370
Size in inches 2.17 3.17 0.50 0.03×0.6×4 10
5.3 15
4.35 6.35 1.00 0.06×1.5×4 4.9 30
6.35 9.52 1.59 0.06×2.4×4 5.4 40
7.52 9.52 1.00 0.06×2.2×4 3.1 70
9.52 12.70 1.59 0.06×2.6×8 4.1 75
15.88 19.05 1.59 0.06×3.8×8 10
2.6 200
22.22 25.40 1.59 0.06×4.9×8 1.9 370
*Burst pressure at 25°C: A tube sample 30 cm in length was pressurized with nitrogen gas at a rate of 0.1 MPa/min.
*Bending radius: Measured as per Nichias’ Minimum Bending Test Standard (AS5-6-0429).
*The values above are our actual measurement values. They are not standard values.


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