Relationship with our customers

The NICHIAS Group promotes providing customers with safe and trusted products as well as with useful products and services.

Providing safe and trusted products

Assuring customers of the quality that they can trust

In order to continuously provide products that our customers can confidently use, we have established a system to rigorously examine each stage from planning to production launch when developing new products, changing production conditions, etc. The Development, Technology, Manufacturing, Certification, and Environment Departments rigorously examine the quality and safety of products and the validity of production processes from their respective specialist standpoints.

Quality management system

The group has created its own quality management system that combines ISO9001 with its own unique system cultivated over its more than 120-year history, and is promoting quality assurance activities for a wide range of projects and diverse product groups. Acquisition of ISO9001 certification is being promoted at all factories, and many of Nichias' factories and subsidiaries are currently obtaining these certificates both in Japan and abroad. Also, officially approved products have a dedicated system that manages their compatibility.

Cultivating Human Resources for Improved Productivity

It supports the growth and interchange of its members through NKK (Nichias Kaizen Katsudo), which are improvement activities that the entire group is engaged in. In NKK, as well as production work sites, members working in various types of workplaces such as administrative offices and sales offices are working on "improving on-site competence” with the catch phrases "manufacturing improvement," "manufacturing evolution," "business improvement," and "business expansion." At the "All Nichias NKK World Tournament" held once a year, the best teams selected from workplaces all over the world present their achievements. Those models are broadcast live to domestic and overseas business sites to share the results with our colleagues around the world.

Stable Supply of Products

The NICHIAS Group provides products and services that are indispensable for a wide range of industries, so it is extremely important in management that we get our BCP measures right so that our business activities are continuous without product supplies becoming interrupted.

We endeavour to secure product supplies by assessing, for example, the degree of impact on customers by the interruption of product supplies caused by a natural disaster; the degree of importance of products in the market; and the possibility of replacements even with different companies' products, and by prioritising the products as to which one needs most attention so that we can take measures as appropriate. Meanwhile, in the event of a natural disaster, it is also very important to ensure the safety of our employees who are the key supporters of our corporate activities. We formulate and implement BCP measures on the basis of these two key points.

■Case of office with enhanced BCP measures
Ohji Factory new 1 building

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