Relationship with our customers

The NICHIAS Group promotes providing customers with safe and trusted products as well as with useful products and services.

Providing safe and trusted products

Assuring customers of the quality that they can trust

We carry out ever-stringent risk management in order to continuously provide customers with products that are safe to use, and to prevent problems, our interdivisional screening rigorously inspects, in the areas of 'development', 'technology', 'production', 'quality assurance' and 'environment', for the appropriateness of the conditions that assure high product quality, appropriate operation procedures and sound management in all aspects including the quality, safety and environmental friendliness of products.

Cultivating Human Resources for Improved Productivity

To cultivate personnel who can understand the customer's standpoint and contribute to maintaining and improving the quality of products, the company is engaging in various forms of educational activities, such as its "Product Quality Academy."

Above all, at NKK (Nichias Improvement Activities), members of the Nichias Group working in each country have formed teams and are working on “improving on-site competence” with the catch phrases “manufacturing improvement,” “manufacturing evolution,” “business improvement,” and “business expansion.” At the “All-Nichias NKK World Conference” held once every year, the best teams chosen from around the world announce their results, and this pattern is distributed live to workplaces both inside and outside Japan, supporting the growth of and exchanges between members through their activities.

Management system

The Nichias Group operates its own unique quality management system that has been cultivated over 120 years of history. Moreover, in 1996, the Hashima Factory acquired the then-certificate of ISO9002, and with that, all other factories were encouraged to acquire the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates. At present, many of Nichias' factories and subsidiaries obtain these certificates both in Japan and abroad.

In the acquisition of official approval of its products, Nichias has a dedicated screening division that ensures the enhancement of its management system.

Providing products and services that meet customers' needs

GASKET Kobo™ (workshop)

There are times when Nichias’ machined gaskets are urgently required at regular repair sites such as petroleum refineries and chemical plants. In order to swiftly respond to such urgent requests from customers, in May 2014 Nichias launched a mobile facility, GASKET Kobo, which can be sent out to customer sites for as long as it is required to carry out machining services.

For example, in fiscal 2016, in addition to Ichihara in Chiba Prefecture and Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture, the range of GASKET Kobo’s periodic repair operations in Japan was extended to Hokkaido, Osaka, and Yamaguchi.

GASKET Kobo also continued to visit many plants and factories all over Japan, and new functions were introduced such as a monitor on which a Nichias introductory DVD is shown, conducting gasket fastening demonstrations, and displaying the fastened gasket states. GASKET Kobo also continued to be sent to customers' training sites and continues to receive favorable reviews from customers.

GASKET Kobo in action at a customer’s premises

Our efforts in BCP (Business Continuity Planning)

The NICHIAS Group provides products and services that are indispensable for a wide range of industries, so it is extremely important in management that we get our BCP measures right so that our business activities are continuous without product supplies becoming interrupted.

We endeavour to secure product supplies by assessing, for example, the degree of impact on customers by the interruption of product supplies caused by a natural disaster; the degree of importance of products in the market; and the possibility of replacements even with different companies' products, and by prioritising the products as to which one needs most attention so that we can take measures as appropriate. Meanwhile, in the event of a natural disaster, it is also very important to ensure the safety of our employees who are the key supporters of our corporate activities. We formulate and implement BCP measures on the basis of these two key points.

Example of decentralising a manufacturing base
The manufacturing plant of a car component, Metacoat®, has been transferred to Malaysia.

In 2013, the Head Office moved into a building with increased earthquake resistance and measures to secure the power supply in the event of an emergency.

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