2. Feature

High temperature desorption system


A system that allows for periodical desorption operation at 300°C (high temperature desorption operation) to desorb accumulated substances with high boiling points and prolong the life of the rotor. The sealing material which is compatible with temperature upto 300°C is a mechanism that is unique to Nichias.

Case study

Applications: Exhaust gases from semiconductor and LCD production lines, photogravure print drying , and chemical production etc.

Accumulated VOC amount

During high tempetature desorption

Concentrator and Direct burner

  • This system is for eliminating organic matter that has accumulated on the concentration rotor, and it will not restore the rotor to its original state.
  • It is highly recommended that a mist filter (activated carbon etc.) be installed at the stage prior to the concentration rotor.
  • If substances with boiling points of greater than 300°C are included, they cannot be removed.
    Also, this system cannot remove all substances with boiling points at or below 300°C.
    Depending on conditions, there are cases where this system should not be applied, such as high volumes of substances with high boiling points etc..
  • The desorption outlet temperature can be upto about 250°C, therefore it is necessary to select ducts, sealing materials, and fans that are suitable for that temperature.