Relationship with society

The NICHIAS Group willingly contributes to society through support and assistance.

We also value communication with local communities where our bases are operated.

Social contributions

Donations and Assistance to Various Fields

As one of its CSR activities, Nichias gives various types of donations and assistance from such viewpoints as R&D and disaster support. In fiscal 2016, it contributed a total of approximately 49 million yen in donations and assistance.

Donation and Support Activities

Nichias makes donations and engages in support activities through the Red Cross and other local charity organizations. In fiscal 2016 the company contributed to victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake, Typhoon Lionrock, the Ecuador Earthquake, etc. It will continue such activities into the future.

Employment of Disabled People

Nichias employs people with disabilities, while occasionally communicating with the Hello Work employment office. The company is also engaged in employing new graduates from Tokyo metropolitan vocational training high schools.

Assistance for Academic Research

The Nichias Group contributes to Japanese R&D institutions to help them in their research and development. Those who receive such help span a wide range of fields, including such cutting-edge technologies as semiconductors, organic synthesis, ceramics, and analysis and evaluation technologies. Nichias also extends its support to overseas universities. In fiscal 2016, Nichias contributed a total of approximately 33 million yen to support numerous research projects. The group will continue to support various fields and institutions that have a bright future.

Assisting Comfortable, Energy-Saving Housing Research in Indonesia

Nichias has decided to support "middle-class housing comfort and energy conservation in Indonesia" with Hiroshima University’s Associate Professor Kubota, who is more intimate with housing insulation research than before. This project is being conducted in cooperation with Puskim (Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Permukiman), an Indonesian living environment research institution, the University of Indonesia, and Associate Professor Kubota, and aims to contribute to improving living conditions in Indonesia by researching the balance of both comfort and energy conservation in middle class housing conditions. The support will total 72 million yen over four years from fiscal 2016.

Social contributions by our overseas bases

The NICHIAS Group have many production and sales bases in many countries. We make various efforts in harmony with each local community and the employees who live there so that we can benefit from each other.


  • ・Donation of construction panels to schools, religious facilities, etc.
  • ・Maintenance and tree planting at a nature reserve (FGS Forest)
  • ・Blood donation activities

Donation of Construction Panels


  • ・Donation through the JACTIM Foundation (Japanese Chamber of Commerce)


  • ・Scholarships for internship students
  • ・Blood donation cooperation with Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Kedah
  • ・Maintenance and tree planting at a nature reserve (FGS Forest)

【Mexico】 NAX MFG, S.A. de C.V.

  • ・Held a factory tour for the families of employees
  • ・Participated in the Neon Run (charity marathon)
  • ・Tree-planting activities around the factory


  • ・Held a gift festival and sports meeting for the people at a child care institution


  • ・Set up nests for birds around the factory premises as part of World Environment Day (to prevent birds building nests under the eaves of the factory)


  • ・Various types of donations (Lebaran (a major festival), Indonesian Independence Day, Mawlid (Birth of the Prophet Muhammad), neighborhood mosques, etc.)


  • ・Donations to various types of support groups (The Mirror Foundation, Women’s Association of Thailand, Association of the Physically Handicapped in Thailand) and various types of gifts (clothing, electrical products, etc.)
  • ・Clean-ups around the factory by all the employees

Presentation to the Mirror Foundation


  • ・Donations to neighborhood schools and volunteer activities such as distributing boiled rice at festivals
  • ・Cleaning up of national park (mangrove facility)
  • ・Donations to the North-east Region of Thailand, and donations of medicine, old clothes, etc.

Local volunteer activities by the NICHIAS Group's domestic offices and factories

Holding of Jizo Festival at Hashima Factory

At the Hashima Factory, an unusual "Kitamuki Jizo" (northward-facing Ksitigarbha) is enshrined facing north alongside the factory, and its related day is held every August. The lanterns are adorned, sweets and other offerings are given, and many local people attend. The children in particular look forward to this event every year.

The Hashima Factory will continue to walk together with the local people.

Ohji Factory, Koriyama Branch Factory, Tatsuta Industry Corporation, Metakote Industry Corporation, Kokubu Industry Corporation, and Sakai Nichias Corporation Yamato River Great Green Strategy

The Yamato River flows from Nara prefecture to Osaka Bay. The Nichias Group has numerous manufacturing facilities in the Yamato River Basin. From the Koriyama Branch Factory located upstream of the basin to Sakai Nichias near the mouth of the river, cleaning of the river in the vicinity of the factories is carried out on a regular basis. The entire Nichias group is working together to preserve the local environment.

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