Relationship with society

The NICHIAS Group willingly contributes to society through support and assistance.

We also value communication with local communities where our bases are operated.

Social contributions

As one of its CSR activities, Nichias gives various types of donations and assistance from such viewpoints as disaster relief support and academic research support. In fiscal 2017, it contributed a total of approximately 40 million yen in donations and assistance.

Disaster Relief Support

Nichias makes donations and engages in support activities through the Red Cross and other local charity organizations. In fiscal 2017, the company made donations to victims of the heavy rains, flooding and landslides in Northern Kyushu that occurred in July. It will continue such activities into the future.

Assistance for Academic Research

The Nichias Group contributes to Japanese R&D institutions to help them in their research and development. Those who receive such help span a wide range of fields, including such cutting-edge technologies as semiconductors, organic synthesis, ceramics, and analysis and evaluation technologies. Nichias also extends its support to overseas universities. In fiscal 2017, Nichias contributed a total of approximately 31 million yen to support numerous research projects. The group will continue to support various fields and institutions that have a bright future.

Assisting Comfortable, Energy-Saving Housing Research in Indonesia

Nichias has been supporting an ""Indonesian middle-class housing comfort and energy conservation project"" since fiscal 2016 with Hiroshima University’s Associate Professor Kubota, who has been in close relations with Nichias for the housing insulation research. This project is being conducted in cooperation with Puskim (Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Permukiman), an Indonesian living environment research institution, the University of Indonesia, and Associate Professor Kubota, and aims to contribute to improving living conditions in Indonesia by researching the balance of both comfort and energy conservation in middle class housing conditions. The support will total 72 million yen over four years from fiscal 2016.

Social contributions by our overseas bases

The NICHIAS Group have many production and sales bases in many countries. We make various efforts in harmony with each local community and the employees who live there so that we can benefit from each other.

[China] NICHIAS (SHANGHAI) TRADING CO., LTD. Guangzhou Branch

  • · Afforestation


  • · Implementation of cleaning around the periphery of the factory
  • · Donation to traffic safety awareness activities through Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry sponsorship

Cleaning activities


  • · Various donations and contributions (neighborhood mosque and orphanage)
  • · Held family gatherings


  • · Cleaning around the factory
  • · Donations to local citizen participatory events sponsored by the industrial estate


  • · Providing metal scrap to surrounding areas


  • · Donation of construction panels to schools, religious facilities, etc.
  • · Maintenance and tree planting at a nature reserve (FGS Forest)
  • · Blood donation activities
  • · Support activities for local small fruit tree farmers through field maintenance, fertilizer distribution, etc.

[Mexico] NAX MFG, S.A.DE C.V.

  • · Participated in the Neon Run (charity marathon)
  • · Held a factory tour for the families of employees
  • · Relief supply support for the earthquake on the outskirts of Mexico City

Charity run


  • · Participation in cleaning activities in the interior of the industrial estate
  • · Donation to disabled association
  • · Donation of unneeded fluorescent lights to neighborhood elementary schools
  • · Participation in tree planting activities for coastal conservation

Cleaning activities in areas surrounding business units

  • · Cleaning activities in areas surrounding business units
  • · Implementation of elementary school library renovation


  • · Donation and contribution of clothing to orphanages


  • · Held a gift festival and sports meeting for the people at a child care institution

Local volunteer activities

The Nichias Group has various types of offices throughout the country. Each business office is undertaking various efforts whose goals are activities rooted in each region.

Donation of books to kindergartens and nursery schools - Fukuroi Factory

The Fukuroi Factory, from the viewpoint of wanting to contribute to the local Fukuroi City area that has been so kind for the many years since it began operations in 1963, has continued to donate books to the kindergartens and nursery schools in the vicinity of the factory. In 2017, the factory received a letter of appreciation from the mayor of Fukuroi.

Participation in Fukuda Suwa Shrine Festival - FUKUSHIMA NICHIAS CORPORATION

The Fukuda Suwa Shrine, which is said to have been built around the year 4 of the Kokoku Era (1343), is located in the town of Shinchi in the Soma District of Fukushima Prefecture, the same town as FUKUSHIMA NICHIAS CORPORATION, and has been well-known within the local area for a long time. At the Spring Festival, held every May, many employees participate in and cooperate with the festival.

In 2017, 25 employees participated in the festival wearing blue happi coats and paraded around the town as bearers of the mikoshi portable shrine.

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